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Become an IAPSS Member

Individuals have a central role within IAPSS. Not only do they have voting rights at the General Assemblies and can thus actively shape the future of IAPSS, but they also benefit from our broad range of services. Memberships come at a student-friendly annual fee of 4, 13, or 19 USD for individuals depending on country of residence. You can also purchase a Flex membership for the entire length of your education. Flex membership is available for up to 5 years and can be extended if a student continues further with their education. IAPSS also offers joint memberships with the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and International Public Policy Association (IPPA).

Country Groups
The membership price depends on a country of residence of a prospective member. Click on the links below to find your country group.
Become a Member

Participate in delegations

Take part in one of the IAPSS Delegations to international renowned political science conferences

Join a Research Committee

Join or create an IAPSS Research Committee to research a topic with other students and co-publish your work

Get Involved

Run for IAPSS’ elected positions and apply for volunteer positions

Access to journals

Receive preferential access to our two journals POLITIKON and Encuentro Latinoamericano, as well as our blog, A Different View

Access to events

Priority access to the IAPSS World Congress, the IAPSS Academic Convention, IAPSS study trips, and the IAPSS Summer School and Winter School

Voting Rights

Have your say at IAPSS General Assemblies

Memberships are not refundable.

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