IAPSS Honorary Membership is not open to the public but granted only to those members that have shown an extraordinary dedication towards the Association, whether that is in an executive position or just as an ordinary member.

Honorary Membership is granted by the General Assembly upon recommendation by the Executive Committee, and to date, IAPSS has awarded three honorary memberships to individuals. They do not have voting rights in the General Assembly, but their membership is lifelong, and they have an advisory opinion role during IAPSS General Assemblies.

Jannick Burggraaff,from Heerlen (the Netherlands), has been involved within IAPSS from 2013 to 2016 holding a variety of positions in the Executive Committee, such as the Head of Events and the Head of World Congress, and he was also the President of the association in the mandate 2015/2016. Over the three years of his involvement, he has shown the highest dedication and accuracy to his tasks and took leadership in difficult situations of the association. The IAPSS General Assembly has voted in favor of his honorary membership on April 9th, 2016 in Berlin.

Dragan Cvetkovic, from Belgrade (Serbia), has been a member of the IAPSS Executive Committee as Head of IAPSS Membership Administration, living a year at the then IAPSS Headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has also served in multiple functions at IAPSS General Assemblies and has since been a loyal adviser to following IAPSS Executive Committees on administrative and strategic questions to date. His commitment and dedication over the years have inspired many.

Gabriella Lucia Marzonetto, from Buenos Aires (Argentina), has dedicated a tremendous amount of time, creativity, and continuous efforts to the revitalization of POLITIKON – IAPSS’ flagship and oldest journal – after a year-long period of inactivity. It was due to her commitment, that a new editorial board was put together, working closely together on the re-launch of the publication. With a new design, a new structure, and an advanced content scheme, POLITIKON has been back since early 2013.

Marcel Wissenburg, from Nijmegen (Netherlands), has been taking care of IAPSS’ mail at its mailing address in Nijmegen for the time IAPSS has been stationed in the Netherlands. He provided a lot of valuable support to the organization, and his commitment to IAPSS will be remembered forever.

Makoto Okubo, from New York (United States of America), has provided his help during the organization of the 24-hour Telethon on Global Homelessness. Makoto helped on standby with each region, ensured there was music for the event, and helped with technology and programming.