Covering more than 50 countries – spanning from the ruins of Jordan in the West, the jungles of the Timor-Leste in the East, to the mountains of Japan in the north, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program provides an alternative avenue to students, as well as early-career researchers, and academics, to discuss key-important political issues across Asia. Furthermore, IAPSS Asia focuses more on the socio-politico side of Asian Studies, which has predominantly been the central academic discipline in studying the region.

Considering its cultural, social, as well as political diversity, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program aims to redefine the borders of the region by providing extensive academic, as well as social support to the studentry. This support would allow us to create a much more inclusive, and active community. Such initiatives would include our dedicated Audio and Video Podcasts, which will give an opportunity to all Political Science students to share their own stories; their own experiences, and purviews on some of the most pressing political and social issues of our time. The Asia Outreach Program’s Academic Blog, on the other hand, would allow students to publish their own research written in their own language, with the help of the proposed Translation Committee. Different projects will also be launched through our Country Coordinators from India, Japan, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan throughout the mandate.

Rutaba Tarig

Regional Chair

Rutaba Tariq is currently the Regional Chair for IAPSS Asia. With a focus on developing the regional chapter and strengthening the network of political scientists in Asia, Rutaba is adamant in making IAPSS Asia a politically and socially inclusive platform for young Asians. Rutaba is currently pursuing her Masters in International Relations with a focus on Peace Studies and the Middle East from the University of Karachi. She is also associated with OIC’s Official Youth Forum (Islamic Conference Youth Forum) and has consulted on the 1st OIC Youth Policy. For the past 2 years, she has served as the Country Coordinator for the same forum and runs a project titled ‘National Model OIC’. A little over 1000 young people have been trained in the art of diplomacy and policy making as a result. Through her work with British Council’s Active Citizen Program, Rutaba co-founded Break Free, a social action project aimed at eliminating the marginalization and social degradation divorced women face in Pakistan. She has also been a part of PILDAT’s Pakistan Youth Parliament and has served as the Deputy Speaker. She has recently received the SOAS Academic Summer School’s Ambassador Scholarship and attended SOAS to study Conflict & International Development on July, 2020.

Mohammad Qasim Mirzay

Outreach Coordinator

Mohammad Qasim Mirzay is the Asia Outreach Coordinator pursuing his bachelor's in political science at Jami University, Afghanistan. He has attended several international competitions on international commercial arbitration in Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Hong Kong, and is currently leading a volunteer network of students that works for the advancement and talent development of university students. Furthermore, he has organized several MUNs and British Parliamentary Debate competitions and is leading Jami University's debate club. Besides his university studies, he is also coaching the TOEFL test [A well-known standardized test of English as a foreign language]. Moreover, he has founded a movement called Bookies in Afghanistan to foster studying and reading among University students in Afghanistan and has established peace clubs in high schools. He also has a one-year experience of working with humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR and ARAA in which he helped and provided refugees, returnees, and IDPs with food, shelter, WASH, and legal assistance

Upasana Ranjib

Media Coordinator

With a baccalaureate degree in a Triple Majors, in Media studies, Economics, and Political Science, Upasana specialized in Political Science featuring South Asian Public policy and administration. With an inclination to further study Political Psychology and Sports Policy, she has a massive inclination towards bringing about social justice, through the discipline. In 2016, she co-founded an organization called 'Dialogue' to create interaction between citizensand government representatives and has been actively involved in student politics, to give direction to that same inclination. With an interest in politics as strong as she likes her coffee, through IAPSS, Upasana hopes to raise awareness on Asian politics to students and engage with them better so that they may themselves may become better contributors and carriers of society's changes through government policies. With a massive inclination towards research, she has published a few papers and worked on a dissertation based on women's political legitimacy in South Asia and constantly is on the lookout for newer research. In her spare moments, she is often found honing her skills as a national swimmer, being a political analyst, volunteering with the United Nations or draining down many cups of coffee, scribbling away poetry in a diary.

Mariam Botchorishvili

Research Coordinator

Mariam Botchorishvili is a Research Coordinator in IAPSS Asia. She is from Georgia, has lived in different countries over the years and speaks 6 languages. Mariam is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She has participated in many social events of the University as well as various international institutions. Mariam has translated a number of documents and a book from Russian to English and has published her own articles in foreign journals. She has taken part in the IAPSS event “The Vectors of Modernization of Uzbekistan: Regional and Global Dimensions”. Mariam is a hard-working and proactive person and, as an IAPSS member, she is always ready to contribute to the organization’s activities.

Anagha Lakshmi

Liaison Сoordinator

Anagna is currently pursuing a Master's degree in advanced International Governance the University of Geneva (2021). Politics, International Relations and Conflict Resolution are her favourite forte. Anagha firmly believes in the concept of 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam' (the world is one family) and aims to work towards the building of this global network. Her research so far has been concentrated on topics of regional cooperation and south Asia politics. Anagha has been a research intern at the Center for Land and Warfare Studies, New Delhi and her research has been well received by valued academicians. Discussions on Music, Art and culture inspire her and she vehemently supports cultural diplomacy. At IAPSS, Anagha aims to connect and contribute to a student network of hardworking young intellectuals

Country Coordinators

Tomoki Matsuno

Japan Country Coordinator

Tomoki is a student at Harvard University in the United States, interested in political science and applied data science. Besides IAPSS, Tomoki is currently working as an ambassador for Knovva Academy based in Massachusetts, USA, and a part-time journalist for International Policy Digest. In 2019, he was a youth representative at the Y20 Summit (Official Engagement Group of G20 Summit) and created policy recommendations on international trade and the future of work by working closely with international organizations, such as the United Nations. The position paper was later sent to G20 governments. He was also an active participant at Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD). Moreover, Tomoki has traveled around the world, from China to the Netherlands to participate in academic competitions. At the 2019 Model G20 Summit in Beijing organized by Knovva Academy and Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council, he exemplified his public speaking and logical thinking skills in negotiations and received “Global Leadership Award”. He completed the e-Japan Program by Stanford University where he studied the potential impacts of the US-Japan relations and submitted his research paper on social innovation to Stanford University. At IAPSS Asia, Tomoki is eager to bring political scientists in Asia together and provide fresh perspectives on Asian affairs based on his experiences.

Shrey Madan

India Country Coordinator

Intrigued by the ideas of libertarianism and cyberpunk, Shrey Madaan is a Law graduate from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India. He is passionate about diplomacy, tech policies and its significance on international affairs, especially in the South Asian region which is the core area of his study. The intricate working of policies in the international arena and its impact in international relations, and the different nuances of several “orthodoxies” and `orthopraxis” in the legal sector is what motivates him to pursue a career in this line.

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