The Seasonal Schools of IAPSS offer unique experiences which consist of a wide range of lectures, active discussions, and workshops, as well as one-day trips and an intriguing social program. We focus on comprehensive and engaging daily schedules, emphasising the didactic component of learning throughout the entire program.
Participants gain new experiences and knowledge while also learning about different academic approaches and views during our one week program. Seasonal Schools are great opportunities to get inspired by fresh ideas on future projects or term papers. What many of our participants always bring up after the program is that the Seasonal School provided them a platform to speak up their mind and to critically reflect upon concepts and policies in a group. Last but not least, we always leave the Seasonal School with new wonderful and lasting friendships!

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Why a Political Science School?

As an international student organization, IAPSS provides networking opportunities to political science students from all around the world to foster socially responsible student activism, high academic proficiency, and the enhancement of political science research throughout IAPSS EventsIAPSS Publications and IAPSS Membership and Career Services. To complete our portfolio of events, we launched the IAPSS Seasonal Schools Program in 2014.

A Great Way to Enjoy the break
A Seasonal School, longer than a conference and a smaller participant group, provides a unique format in itself. Students of political science and related disciplines, pre-selected on the basis of a letter of motivation, a CV and an abstract outlining a research proposal, gather in a location perfect to enjoy the summer. Together with experts from the academia, media, politics, and civil society, participants examine, discuss and research on a specific topic. Methodology workshops are offered to strengthen the efficient use of skills and tools needed for academic research and learning in political science. And while institutional excursions provide a opportunity to meet with researchers and policy-makers, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the host city, the nearby environment, and other destinations in the vicinity, as well as a series of social events.
Leaving With A Publication
For many schools, after lectures, seminar discussions and individual work, participants leave with an elaborated, well structured and thought through concept for a short research paper that shall be finished within a month from the end of the School. Presentations on the research concept, its design and objectives are usually held in a conference-style setting during the last day of the School. Also, selected papers are considered for publication in a special edition of POLITIKON, one of IAPSS Journals.