IAPSS President

The IAPSS President leads the organization and the Executive Committee, chairing Executive Committee meetings and ensuring that there is a collaboration between global departments, IAPSS Regions, and other organizational facets. They represent IAPSS externally and directly oversee the International Cooperation Department, which establishes and maintains IAPSS’ collaborations with other organizations, including but not limited to partners, association members, and strategic student government and advocacy allies. The IAPSS President has a pivotal role in IAPSS’ advocacy efforts to improve the lives of political science students and impact relevant policies at all levels of government. They provide an annual report to IAPSS members on the organization’s activities at a General Assembly near the end of each elected mandate.

Oleksii Zahreba



Oleksii is currently studying for the Master’s degree of political science, international and public affairs at the Université de Montréal. He also works at the International Political Science Association. Oleksii first joined IAPSS in 2019 in the position of Speakers Coordinator Assistant on the team organizing the World Congress in Vienna. After the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oleksii ran for an election for the chair of the USA and Canada chapter of IAPSS. He served as a chair of the USA and Canada region for the 2020/21 mandate. He was later elected to the position of the IAPSS Secretary-General, and took over as Interim IAPSS President in October 2022. Through his involvement at IAPSS Oleksii helped to found the Global Student Government (GSG), and he is currently a Vice-President for Operations at GSG. In the past, Oleksii organized international Model United Nations conferences and served on the executive committee of the International Studies Club at his university.

IAPSS Secretariat

The IAPSS Secretariat oversees IAPSS’ internal communications and democratic processes. The Secretary-General leads the Secretariat, which looks after the website, email accounts, and project management applications. They take minutes at Executive Committee meetings, organize General Assemblies and elections, ensure the IAPSS Legal Framework is followed, and oversee all matters pertaining to memberships.

IAPSS Financial Administration Department

The Financial Administration Department of IAPSS maintains the financial infrastructure of the association and manages the annual budget. Fundraising is also situated in the Financial Administration Department.

Crystal Staebell



Crystal Staebell joined IAPSS as an administrative coordinator for World Congress 2020 in Vienna. When the conference was canceled due to Covid-19, she did not despair and became a co-head of the virtual World Congress in 2021. During her time as the VP for Programs during the 2021-22 mandate, Crystal brought another dimension to the IAPSS academic events and expended IAPSS’ presence in the academic world. She now heads the Financial Department of IAPSS.

IAPSS Advisory Board

The Advisory Board offers guidance to the current Global Board and reviews various IAPSS reports and processes for quality assurance.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the IAPSS Advisory Board at advisoryboard@iapss.org

Leah Rea

Advisory Board Member

Leah is a scholarship PhD researcher at the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University, where she is examining the relationship between constitutional conventions established by devolution and the progression of human rights in Northern Ireland. She also works as a Teaching Assistant in the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences. She holds a Master’s in Violence, Terrorism and Security, a Master’s in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, and an LLB, all from Queen’s University Belfast. Leah was accepted to the FEPS Young Academics Network for its 8th cycle (2022-2023) and the UNITAR Global Diplomacy Imitative Fellowship 2022.

Leah serves on the Boards of two local charitable organisations in her community, and as a representative for the School of Law PGRs on her University’s PhD Researcher Forum. She is an alumnus of the Washington Ireland Program Class of 2021.

Maheen Shafeeq

Advisory Board Member

Maheen Shafeeq is a researcher at the Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS). She is a graduate of The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with majors in International Relations from Bahria University Islamabad.

She has teaching experience at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bahria University and the School of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. Previously she worked with the Ministry of Reforms and Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. She has published several journal articles, reports, opinion articles, working papers, conference papers and book reviews. She has completed her fellowship with Sandia National Labs and participated in numerous courses and workshops by highly prestigious institutions such as Kings College London, World Institute for Nuclear Security and Sandia National Labs. She is an active member of the International Association for Political Science Students IAPSS (Canada), World Institute for Nuclear Security WINS (Austria), Institute of Nuclear Materials Management INMM (Austria), and Chatham House (UK), to mention a few.Her research area includes Emerging Technologies, Future Warfare, Nuclear Security, Non-proliferation, Arms Control, Ethics and Character of Warfare, International Relations, Diplomacy, and the Aviation Industry.

She is also a professional photographer and has worked with football clubs in the UK, such as Manchester United, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.

Minya Chan

Advisory Board Member

Minya Chan is a member of the advisory board. Prior to this role she was active as a sponsor and grants coordinator for the 2021 World Congress, a programs coordinator and co-head of the 2022 IAPSS World Congress. She joined IAPSS in 2021.


IAPSS Programs Department

The IAPSS Programs Department oversees IAPSS partnerships and communication with external organizations.

IAPSS Academic Department

The Academic Department of IAPSS constitutes the academic pillar of the Association. It is designed to offer a number of unique opportunities for students of political science and related disciplines to develop their skills in academic research, writing, and presentation at conferences and other events.

The work of the Academic Department offers multifold ways for students to get involved and further develop academic experiences such as publishing in different formats and other important skills. We operate two journals (Politikon and Encuentro Latinoamericano), one blog (A Different View), Student Research Committees, and Delegations. For each branch, one IAPSS Board member (a Coordinator or an Editor-in-Chief) is responsible, together with the Head of the Department.

The two IAPSS journals (the flagship journal Politikon with a general focus and Encuentro Latinoamericano, which focuses on Latin American Studies) run a double-blind peer review process, as any professional journal. This, together with the expertise of the Editorial Boards, the Advisory Committee members, and the Paper Submission Guidelines ensures that each issue includes a number of high-quality articles, written predominantly by students and junior researchers.

Those who are interested in contributing with shorter reflection pieces can apply to join the Authorial Board of our blog ‘A Different View’ or submit a guest contribution to it.  Each year, a competitive Call for Applications is launched to select a small group of graduate or postgraduate students or more experienced junior researchers who will work together on a prescribed general theme, helped by the Academic Coordinator. The Student Research Committees offer another range of opportunities to IAPSS members. After a successful application process, students and junior researchers can become members of an IAPSS SRC focused on a particular subfield in political science and related disciplines. Within the SRC, they interact with other individuals with similar interests, work together with the other members on papers and other forms of research outputs, and form panels for the IAPSS conferences as well as conferences held by IAPSS’ partner organizations.

Last but not least, IAPSS Delegations are a prime outcome of the partnership of IAPSS with renowned academic and professional associations, such as IPSA (International Political Science Association), ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research), ISA (International Studies Association), or UACES (Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies). IAPSS panels at the conferences of these organizations feature selected work of the Academic Department affiliates and if capacity allows, separate Calls for Applications are launched for applicants who wish to submit abstracts for these panels.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the Head of the Academic Department Team at academic@iapss.org

Eyrin Kyriakidi

Vice-President for Academic Affairs


Eyrin Kyriakidi graduated from the University of Peloponnese with a BA in Political Science and International Relations, and from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main with an MA in Modern East Asian Studies. She has previously worked at the Centre for Security Studies in Athens, Greece, as well as at the Embassy of Greece in Seoul, Republic of Korea. She has also participated in delegations of the Hellenic Youth Parliament and the European Youth Parliament, and was a member of AEGEE/European Students’ Forum. Eyrin first joined IAPSS in 2021, as a member of the Political Theory Student Research Committee, where she later served as Chair. Her current research focuses on the bilateral relations between China and North Korea, South Korean politics, and East Asian political theory and philosophy.

Ruben Pretorius

Deputy Head of the Academic Department


Ruben Pretorius holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy, and a BAHons Philosophy (cum laude) from the University of the Free State in South Africa. He is currently working towards his MA in Political Science at the same institution. Ruben’s research interests are related to democratization and authorization, electoral politics, sub-Sahara’s socio-political and socio-economic conditions, and political philosophy.

He is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, the South African BRICS Youth Association (SABYA), and The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS). His mission, which is also his driving passion, is to contribute to effective and efficient solutions to the problems faced in the developing world, specifically sub-Saharan Africa.

IAPSS Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department of IAPSS is mainly in charge of developing PR strategies and promoting IAPSS events and our academic publications.

Keorapetse Modiba
Vice President for Public Relations