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IAPSS is a network of political science students and junior faculty from over 70 countries

Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate political science students, as well as those from related fields, can become members of our global IAPSS Community

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IAPSS means working with team members across all inhabited continents.

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Whether you are interested in experiencing urban spaces of historical importance, would like to present your first academic paper at a conference, we have the right event for you!

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IAPSS offers you an engaging platform to test your hypotheses, publish your work, and get to know students with the same interest as you.

IAPSS is democratic student government representing political science students at the global level recognized by the United Nations.

We advocate for improvements to Political Science education and student interests in general at the national, continental, and global levels.

Our Mission

IAPSS aims to enhance and support political science students in every part of the world by creating opportunities to research, connect with each other and get to know distant places. We strive to deliver a sustainable academic contribution to the education of our members, foster exchange among young political scientists across the globe and promote social and scientific responsibility. Our regional approach endeavors to facilitate the political science students community federally, globally, and inclusively.

Three Pillars

Our portfolio and annual agenda provided with great dedication to our members are built up around three pillars. In each pillar, we conceptualize and realize activities, projects, and services that contribute to the academic, personal, and social development of our members. Worldwide. 365 days all year long.


Global Political Science Gatherings


Journals, Publishing & Delegations

Professionalization and Career Development

Volunteer opportunites

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Individuals have a central role within IAPSS. Not only do they have voting rights at the General Assemblies and can thus actively shape the future of IAPSS, but they also benefit from our broad range of services. IAPSS is the largest and only international representation of political science students on the globe. Join to be part of our association and get access to all of these benefits. For more information on membership benefits and how to apply, click on the button below.

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Priority access to the IAPSS World Congress, the IAPSS Academic Convention, IAPSS study trips, and the IAPSS Summer School and Winter School

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Have your say at IAPSS General Assemblies

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