IAPSS USA and Canada is interested in bringing together students of political science, economics, philosophy, and public policy to network, share research, and strengthen connections between schools, regions, and nations. Our vision is to create a platform for student voices, a medium of exchange for informed political discourse, and a series of events and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The goal for the 2021/2022 mandate is to establish a presence online and at universities across Canada and the United States, build a membership composed of passionate students, and grow partnerships with various non-profit organizations on the continent.

Siddharth Satish

Regional Chair

Siddharth Satish is a senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North and is focused on international interdisciplinary political and scientific advocacy. Over the past two years Siddharth has served as the Youth Delegate to the United Nations and ECOSOC from Ariel Foundation International and a member of the World Humanitarian Forum Youth Council. In this capacity they have written 5 publicly published reports to the OHCHR, spoken at three HRC parallel events (two in English and one in Spanish), spoken at three World Humanitarian Forum panels, and attended 7 other UN events as a delegate. They also have founded two non-profits: Rememoirs and PEP magazine, that work to break down implicit educational bias (race, gender and LGBTQ in specific) within educational resources on STEM and social sciences. Cumulatively the two non-profits have reached 100,000 students through a strategic partnership with the African Union Watch and Aid Afghanistan from the Afghan Ministry of Education. For their NPO work they were named a Recipient of the Daily Points of Light Award, National Alzheimer's Association Ambassador, Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader Finalist, Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurship Nominee, and International Children's Peace Prize Nominee. Their work has been featured in articles and press releases by ABC, Fox, CBS, MarketWatch, and more. Throughout high school Siddharth served as the captain of New Jersey’s world schools debate team, captain of their school’s debate team, founder of the youth and government team as well as a national CLC representative for NJ, and also the vice-president of their model congress team. Siddharth placed 5th individually in nationals for debate in world schools, championed in legislative debate at the Conference on National Affairs, and has 14 national model congress awards. They are also ranked first in the nation for mock trials and first in the state for world schools. Siddharth is also the two time programs director for New Jersey High School Democrats wherein they organized 15,000 calls through phone banks and helped local Assemblyman sponsor and pass bil A5666. Siddharth also co-founded their local NAACP chapter and serves as the Vice-President of the chapter and was an invited speaker by the NJ office of the attorney general for a community discussion on white supremacy and neo-nazis. They were also appointed as the student members of the West Windsor Plainsboro Human Relations Council and have organized 3 different community wide events including: International Peace Day, MLK Day 2020 and MLK Day 2021. Collectively the events have had nearly 4,000 attendees from the township and have raised 1,000lb of food for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. For their civic engagement efforts, Siddharth was named the United States Senate Youth Program NJ Delegate, wherein they met President Biden as well as the rest of the national government. From 2020-2022, Siddharth served as the NJ President and President-elect for HOSA and is a three time finalist in the international leadership conference. Most notably, they placed 2nd and 7th internationally for allied health and statistics and family medicine respectively; which gave them special recognition by National Geographic and the American Association of Family Physicians. Siddharth also is the captain of their school’s economics team which won 5th place at nationals in EuroChallenge and was recognized by the EU delegation to the US. For their social sciences work, Siddharth has been published in a peer reviewed conference for neurosociology (an interdisciplinary study) at the International Conferences for Social sciences, as the first high school author. They also serve as an editor for the National High School Research Blog from the Americans for Medical Progress.

Raina Batra

Regional Vice-Chair

Raina Batra is the current Vice Chair of IAPSS USA & Canada. She is a current student at Livingston High School and has been involved in local politics and congressional campaigns since 2015. Notably, her first accomplishment in local politics came at age 13 when she lobbied her town council to raise the indian flag on independence day, and was successful. She currently manages the social media of one of her town councilman. On the congressional level, Raina is a fellow at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and interned with Mikie Sherrill’s congressional campaign in 2018. Along with her work in politics, she serves as Vice-President of her school’s Model UN, is on her school’s competitive Mock Trail team, and her school’s debate team. In debate, Raina has earned over 30 awards and qualified to the national tournament. Additionally, she has earned the Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award for her volunteer work.

Kevin Cao

Regional Deputy Chair

Kevin is an undergraduate student of Dartmouth College’s Class of 2025, looking to double major in Economics and Computer Science. Having been involved with a multitude of extracurricular activities relating to these two academic disciplines, he is particularly interested in the intersection between technological innovation and public policy. At Dartmouth College, he is harnessing the college’s numerous political and humanitarian opportunities — such as the Policy Research Shop, Center for Societal Impact, and Political Economy Research Scholars Program — in order to placate both his intellectual fervor and his desire to make an impact on society through the means of public policy. As Deputy Chair of IAPSS USA and Canada, he hopes to use this position as a medium in which he can find opportunities to serve both American society and the international community.

Sherry Long

Program and Events Coordinator

Sherry Long is a junior at The Hockaday School and serves as the Program and Events Coordinator for IAPSS USA & Canada. Currently, she is involved in many academic activities relating to political advocacy. She serves as the vice president of her school’s debate program, captain of her school team, and is ranked #18 in the United States for World Schools Debate. Additionally, she co-founded and presides over her school’s Economics Club, which promotes financial literacy, and is a part of her school’s Microlending Club, which expands global financial access through loans. Moreover, Sherry has furthered her written work in politics by publishing human rights reports to the OHCHR and articles about law and gender equity to Phenomena and new/gen magazines. Her service experiences have earned her the President’s Gold Award every year of high school, and she recently worked with the Dallas Jewish Historical Society to maintain artifacts and ephemera of the Jewish community to the highest possible archival standards over the summer. Finally, she serves on the T.R. Hoover Leadership board, which addresses economic divestment and infrastructure decline in her local community. Sherry seeks to use her voice on IAPSS to continue learning about political science and coordinate events with the rest of the international community.

If you are interested to work with us at IAPSS USA and Canada, please contact us at vicechair.usacanada@iapss.org

Why partner with our region?

Mutual promotion.  We list each other as partners on the websites and social media accounts, promote each other’s opportunities, and support the partnering organization in any other way possible.

Joint communications. Our region and the partnering organization agree to add their email addresses to each other’s email listservs. Such an agreement helps organizations to exchange opportunities with each other and improves communications.

Membership discount.  Your university students or members of the partnering organization will receive a discounted IAPSS membership.

Advocacy initiatives. Collaborating on advocacy initiatives with partnering organizations including but not limited to petitions and joint statements.

Global Student Government.  Take part in a historic beginning of a new initiative – the creation of a global democratic student organization, a Global Student Government, that will represent all students worldwide. Your organization will have an opportunity to influence global education politics and be part of a powerful platform to represent and advocate for your views on global issues.

If you’re interested in a partnership, reach out to us at liaison.usacanada@iapss.org, or fill out a form below.

Job Applications are Open

The Canadian Political Science Students’ Association (CPSSA/AÉSPC) is a non-profit organization run by undergraduate students studying in Canada. Every year, the CPSSA/AÉSPC held a conference that allowed students from coast to coast to come together to share knowledge and perspectives on themes within the discipline of Political science. In addition to the conference, the organization publishes its own undergraduate journal called “Expressions”​, and develops a “Graduate Guide”​ for students who require guidance over graduate programs.


The CPSSA/AÉSPC seeks to educate future leaders in matters or areas on themes and topics related to the discipline of Political Science.


In providing a national forum for advancing education, the CPSSA/AÉSPC is able to provide universities with a national audience to demonstrate their areas of research.


Run solely by undergraduates, the CPSSA/AÉSPC provides students with various opportunities to study and assess the various social, economic, cultural, health, and environmental dynamics that contribute to future decision-making processes.


CPSSA is now proud to be working with IAPPS where we are looking forward to engaging with Canadian students and get a chance for young Canadians voices to be able to understand the political world better and bring in their voices globally!

CPSSA hopes to collaborate with IAPPS by planning virtual conferences, coffee breaks, and webinars where students can discuss and engage in political issues with current/former people in the office, professors, researchers, and many more.

About CPSSA President

I am excited to be your CPSSA president and I am proud that CPSSA can be working with IAPPS where we are looking forward to engaging with Canadian students and get a chance for young Canadians voices being able to understand the political world better and bring in their voices globally!

Young people are not looking for a change, we have our own power and with innovation and collaboration, despite this pandemic even though we cannot do in person conferences – my vision is for us to continue to derive ways to still engage and participate in important political issues and understand the world of politics.

I look forward to work virtually with all of you as we have many exciting events coming up in the future!

Feel free to email me at cpssa@iapss.org

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