IAPSS Africa is a consortium of students, early career researchers and emerging industry professionals with backgrounds in political science and its allied fields. The region hosts members from across the African continent whose interests intersect the diverse issues that embody socio-political and economic gaps and priorities in African affairs. This includes issues transcending youth and development, peace and conflict, geopolitics, digital revolution, governance, development finance, trade, climate change and emergencies among others.

The IAPSS Africa outreach strategy responds to the career aspirations of students and young professionals in Africa, who are in pursuit of opportunities by which they could lead meaningful change on the continent, as well as channels to build and expand productive networks. We pursue IAPSS’ regionalisation vision – which seeks to make the association more accessible, inclusive, and global – by organising workshops, webinars and conferences that congregate members and friends of the association from different countries on the continent.

Our goal is to build IAPSS Africa into becoming a powerhouse of human and material governance resources, and home to passionate Africans who will lead the next generation of change-makers globally.

Boluwatife Ajibola

Regional Chair

Boluwatife Ajibola is the current Regional Chair for IAPSS Africa. Boluwatife kicked off on Africa’s regional team as Projects and Events Coordinator (2020) where he (co)led the planning of several events that convened political science students and professionals from different countries in Africa. As Chair for IAPSS Africa, he is committed to a SHIFT agenda by which he steers the course of the region. He pursues and prioritises opportunities by which students of Political Science and its allied disciplines can lead fulfilling lives in their academics and professional careers. Boluwatife holds a master’s degree in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK. At LSE, he served on the university’s Pilot Student Education Panel, and as committee member of the LSE Development Society. He is the 2020 Firoz and Najma Lalji Foundation Scholar at the LSE. He is an experienced youth mobiliser, educator and development professional, a recipient of multiple academic conference awards, study scholarships, and academic excellence awards. He is the Director and Co-founder of NaijaPolitoons – a public opinion and advocacy channel targeting democratic consolidation and youth mobilisation, also leveraging humour, through cartooned contents, as an advocacy tactic. As a researcher, he specialises in areas cutting across ICTD, social movements, democratic studies and policy science.

Siwe Kuse

SRC Chair (Africa/MENA)

Sivuyisiwe “Siwe” Kuse is an interdisciplinary researcher and analyst. She is currently part of the team working on the Just Urban Transitions project by Adapt. In this capacity, she contributes to unpacking the consequences of South Africa’s low-carbon energy transition, focusing mainly on the urban context. She is also a research associate at the Power Futures lab based at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB). In this capacity, she has has worked on issues related to renewable energy auctions, energy security, governance, climate resilience, just energy transition, regulation and power sector reform in Africa. Furthermore, she previously worked as an analyst at the Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC) at UCT GSB, where her focus was on social (dis)cohesion (e.g. xenophobia, racism, homophobia, gender-based violence) and narrative manipulation in South Africa. In addition to her work commitments, Siwe is a master’s candidate at UCT, looking at the political economy of power sector reform and energy regime transitions. Furthermore, she has recently completed multiple fellowships and trainings including: the 2020 Open Africa Power programme by Enel Foundation (Italy), the EnerTracks programme by Agora Energiewende (Germany), IRENA Youth Forum: The New Generation of Decision Makers (Abu Dhabi) and others. She is also the founder of Yikhani – an inclusive and accessible online platform for surfacing critical socio-political discourses. She is the current Chair of the Student Research Committee (Africa and the MENA region).

Sanet Solomon

Projects and Events Coordinator

Sanet (née Madonsela) Solomon is the Projects and Events Coordinator for IAPSS Africa and the Chairperson of the South African Association of Political Studies Emerging Scholars Committee. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies at the University of the Free State, South Africa. She is an internationally published author, double cum laude graduate and a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society. She holds a master’s degree in Governance and Political Transformation, a BA Honours degree in Political Science (cum laude) and a BA Governance and Political Transformation (cum laude). She was previously employed at the Centre for Teaching and Learning as the UFS101 Attendance Coordinator, former Academic Facilitator, Academic Tutor and NBT Student Assistant. Her research focuses on Africa and the Middle East.

Mogomotsi Motshegwe

Liaison Coordinator

Mogomotsi Motshegwe is an undergraduate student at the University of Free State, he is currently studying towards a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Political Science. Mogomotsi is an advocate for gender equality and a social justice activist. Mogomotsi has served in many social justice and advocacy organizations. Mogomotsi participated in the 2nd Southern African Development Community (SADC) Youth Parliament as a Parliamentarian representing South Africa, this is where he obtained skills and training in Coordination, Organization and Advocacy. Mogomotsi is an alumnus of Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), a program that is aimed at young people committed to transforming Africa. In August 2020 Mogomotsi Co- Founded MyVision Youth Parliament, a youth advocacy organization that seeks to advocate for growth and development opportunities for Black young people living in undeveloped townships. In May 2021 Mogomotsi received an Invitation to join the Golden key International Honour Society, Golden Key is a prestigious Honour Society which recognizes academic excellence among college and university students. His role as Liaison Coordinator at IAPSS Africa includes building relationships with stakeholders, fundraising activities and maintaining effective communication with partners.

Ray Clemence Tondoi

Zimbabwe Country Coordinator

Ray Clemence Tondoi holds a bachelor’s degree in Local Governance Studies from the Midlands University. He possesses a wealth of expertise derived from his experience working with several youth organizations including the Zimbabwe Young Ambassadors, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and Afrocacy Youth Forum. He has over 4 years of experience in managing various youth projects and programs in education, capacity and confidence building programmes and mentorship for young people, gender and youth empowerment. Among other things he is involved in the creation of the diplomatic space for young people in Zimbabwe and with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth, he has been contributing to various policy briefs and researches which ultimately feeds into the United Nations 2030 Youth Strategy and other youth frameworks. He is also the Southern African Regional Representative for Afrocacy Youth Forum, a Pan-African platform for African youth to collaborate and find African solutions to pressing African problems. He is also serving in the Higherlife Foundation as an Associate in the Programs Department responsible for implementing a number of social welfare programs targeting the vulnerable and marginalised young people across Zimbabwe. He is an enthusiastic, resourceful and versatile leader, who is willing to throw himself in the depths to solve new problems and experience new challenges, gaining invaluable experience in the process. He is currently the Country Coordinator for Zimbabwe (International Association for Political Science Students).

Kalonde Mutuna

Zambia Country Director

He holds a BSoc Sci. and Honors in Political Science from the University of Cape Town. Kalonde worked in the private sector, at a financial institution in Zambia and focused on clientele relations and alternate investment portfolios. Kalonde's research at SAIPAR focuses on the disconnect between the long term development goals that political parties are espousing through their campaigns and the actual implementation of said goals once in power. In his spare time he enjoys watching football and is an avid Manchester United supporter.

Rebaone Lerato

South Africa Country Coordinator

Rebaone Lerato Phoshoane serves as Country Coordinator for South Africa in IAPSS Africa. She is a Political Studies honours graduate from the North West University and her dissertation focused on ‘South Africa’s Influence on silencing the guns’. She has a particular interest in international relations, diplomacy and security. Apart from academia, she has been a part of various leadership roles and went as far as honing her leadership skills through Activate! Change Drivers programme which equips activators with innovation and project planning skills as well as exploring aspects of leadership and values to offer an understanding on how to navigate the socio-political landscape. At IAPSS Africa, Rebaone hopes to bring a change in the political arena to provide better solutions in regards to South African affairs and the greater IAPSS vision.

We invite students of political science, researchers, and industry professionals who would be interested in collaborating on and supporting ongoing projects aimed at transforming the governance and development trajectory of the African continent.

We are open to partnerships with student associations, thinktanks, research institutes, civil-society organisations, NGOs, and academic institutions, among others. We would be happy to collaborate on projects that intersect the broad goals of IAPSS and those specific to the Africa region.

Are you interested in collaborating with IAPSS Africa, please send an email to africa@iapss.org

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