IAPSS operates financially independently and generates its budget solely based on its own revenues through membership fees, shares from IAPSS events as well as an online and print advertisement – in order to remain non-profit orientated and politically independent. However, we offer interested individuals and institutions to become a donor with a specific goal of supporting young political scientists either individually or collectively.

  • provide sponsorship for students of political science from less privileged origin attending an IAPSS event (travel grant);
  • introduce an award honoring the outstanding academic performance of a student of political science / young political scientist, e.g. for a paper presented at an IAPSS conference (IAPSS World CongressIAPSS Autumn Convention) or the best Bachelor’s / Master’s thesis / Ph.D. dissertation in a selected year or on an annual basis;
  • provide financial support to a student research group, e.g. the IAPSS Academic Think TankPOLITIKON or Encuentro Latino Americano (ELA), enabling a group of political science students to meet in person for research and publishing on a topic/theme of greater relevance;
  • make a financial contribution to the printed publication of an outstanding academic work of a political science student.

These are just some of the ways to contribute to our purpose – we are always open to hearing your proposals!

Name Your Award or Sponsorship

Honoring your potential support to one of the proposed or another purpose, we provide you with the exclusive right to name your award or scholarship according to your preference.

Are you are interested in becoming a donor?

We are happy to discuss a donorship for a specific purpose! Please consult with Shobhendra Srivastava, IAPSS Treasurer and Head of IAPSS Financial Administration at finances@iapss.org.