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IAPSS currently enjoys partnerships with the following organizations:

Advent Group (Access MBA and Access Masters)

Operating across the globe, Advent Group is a worldwide leader in in-person and online One-to-One education events and marketing solutions for the higher education sector. The group organises over 220 events in 61 countries for over 80,000 prospective MBA, EMBA and Masters applicants each year. A strong international media network with highly-targeted websites, AI-powered orientation platforms, and specialised publications, Advent Group also provides instructive resources for future students and strategic marketing solutions for education providers. Boutique executive education and corporate learning community events connect business education and Learning and Development (L&D) leaders.

ASEAN Youth Organization

ASEAN Youth Organization (AOY) aspires for a world where youths exhibit a heightened interest in ASEAN through activities that empower youth, engage communities to instill and implement ideas that enable positive sustainable change.  AOY has 16 chapters and networks across the globe.


Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)

ASEF is an intergovernmental not-for-profit organization that brings together the peoples of Asia and Europe to address common global challenges by: advancing mutual understanding and collaboration between the people of Asia and Europe through opportunities that enable an exchange of ideas; acting as the civil society outreach of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), and works as a platform for Asia-Europe dialogue to stimulate permanent networks that reinforce Asia-Europe bi-regional relations; acting as an interface between civil society and ASEM governments and consequently contributes to the ASEM process by generating unique recommendations for officials’ consideration

Asian Law Students’ Association

Formally established in 2002, the association is a merger between the previous ASEAN law students association, as well as the East Asian law students association, which were two student bodies that had similar goals of fostering stronger ties and greater understanding of the different legal systems among its member Asian countries. Recognizing their common goals, as well as the ever-increasing onset of globalization in the region, these two associations signed an agreement in 2002, thus forming ALSA into the organization that is known to be today. Reaching over 9,000 members in over 17 jurisdictions, it has become the premier representative body of law students in Asia.

Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)

CoSE is the Leading NGO combining, connecting, and creating environmental sustainability projects across Europe. As an umbrella organization, its aim is to expand knowledge and awareness of today’s biggest climate change challenges


Concordia University

Located in the vibrant and multicultural City of Montreal, Concordia University places among the top-ranked universities worldwide founded within the last 50 years and among the largest urban universities in Canada.

While Concordia’s next-generation thinking allows it to constantly look forward, its roots are firmly planted in two distinctive institutions of higher education, both with illustrious histories. The university was officially founded on August 24, 1974, following the merger of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University.

The Political Science Department of Concordia University hosts the global headquarters of IAPSS.

Disability Unite

Disability Unite strives for the full inclusiveness of the diverse disability community to enable community mobilization and a singular voice. Disability Unite brings people together from communities all around the world. As the largest minority, it is intersectional and in every segment of society and every nation across the globe. The message of Disability Unite: People with Disabilities are proud, we’re loud and we’ll work together to make ourselves known.

European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD)

The European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD) is the first non-governmental, non-for-profit diplomatic academy in Europe, with a mission of shaping, sharpening, and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders. Since its inception in 2004 and with over 3000 graduates from more than 95 countries, EAD offers the highest quality tailor-made programs at graduate, post-graduate, and executive levels. Renowned for its teaching methods, international faculty, and distinguished speakers, the EAD prepares diplomats, civil servants, political and social leaders, as well as representatives of businesses, academia, and the non-governmental sector for the challenges of a globalizing and ever-changing world.

European Student Think Tank (EST)

The European Student Think Tank is an International Organization that involves young people in the European policy-making process and promotes the values of the European Union and Human Rights. Run by young people and for young people, we organize events across EU institutions, analyze European affairs and work with a network of Ambassadors to our organization, who represent the EST across Europe.

The EST was founded in 2010 and has been growing over the years. We are now present in the 5 continents, formed by more than 100 members, and count with more than 30 nationalities.

European Horizons

European Horizons is a global youth-led policy incubator building a stronger transatlantic bond and a more united Europe — which we believe are cornerstones of a future underpinned by democracy, equality, and freedom. To do so, we deal in ideas. Our leadership opportunities build the knowledge, experience, and confidence our members need to voice their ideas; our workshops, projects, and conferences incubate these ideas; our growing network of chapters, partners, and policy-makers enhance them; and our publications provide a critical outlet for them to be heard.

Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary center of excellence supported by the EU. The organization strives to promote human rights and democratization through higher education, specialized training programs, research, and outreach. Their work happens worldwide through the broad network of member universities.

The Global Campus of Human Rights has a presence in seven regions of the world: Africa, Arab World, Asia-Pacific, Caucasus, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Southeast Europe. The regional headquarters in Pretoria, Beirut, Bangkok, Yerevan, Buenos Aires, Sarajevo/Bologna, and are coordinated by the main office in Venice, Italy.

Global Cultural Adventurers

Global Cultural Adventurers (GCA) is an international education group, which aims to build a global platform of cultural exchange and international internship for youth.

Global Policy Insights (GPI)

Global Policy Insights (GPI) is a centrist policy institute with a vision to equip governments, policymakers, NGOs, and diverse actors within the sphere of international development with the tools required to nurture good governance practices and promote sustainable development. In the presence of a rapidly evolving international political economy, it is crucial for these actors to navigate through dynamic circumstances and adopt comprehensive strategies to stimulate and catalyze inclusive socio-economic growth through local, regional, national and global perspectives. Thus, GPI partners with and serves governments, universities, local and multinational communities, and corporates throughout the world to deliver innovative unions of research, advisory, design, deliberative inquiry, and consulting services.

Hesperus Research & Development Organization

Hesperus is inspired to engage in decorating and crafting new policy ideas concerning international security issues. The idea is to conduct in-depth research to understand world politics and evolving future politics. This will help in drafting policy suggestions to solve the problems at the national and global levels. Hesperus supports young leaders by creating opportunities to participate in the international community and develop rewarding careers. Hesperus aims to provide an impartial & rigorous analysis of strategic interaction on security issues that threaten or affect the core values of international relations. Hesperus provides strategic insights and policy solutions to the world’s decision-makers. Hesperus is always looking for talented individuals with diverse perspectives to impact our world more.

International Political Science Association (IPSA)

IPSA was founded in Paris in 1949 under the aegis of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The special mandate of IPSA, expressed in its Constitution, is to support the development of political science in all parts of the world, building academic networks linking East and West, North and South. Its aim is to create an inclusive and global political science community in which all can participate. It seeks to promote collaboration between scholars in emerging and established democracies and to support the academic freedoms needed for the social sciences to flourish. The activities and policies of IPSA reflect its global mission. It has been highly successful in the encouragement of national political science associations and today there are over 58 such associations affiliated with IPSA.

IAPSS is a long-term partner of IPSA and has a joint membership signup agreement with the organization.

International Studies Association (ISA)

The International Studies Association is one of the oldest interdisciplinary associations dedicated to understanding international, transnational, and global affairs. Founded in 1959, its more than 7,000 members span the globe – comprising academics, practitioners, policy experts, private-sector workers, and independent researchers, among others. The Association has long served as a central hub for the exchange of ideas and for networking and programmatic initiatives among those involved in the study, teaching, and practice of International Studies. Through its highly attended Annual Convention and regional/international conferences, as well as its respected journals and the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies, the Association promotes rigorous discussion, research, and writing on a broad range of topics within International Studies, broadly construed. ISA also offers various funding, bridging, and mentoring opportunities that facilitate the development of new ideas, relationships, and skillsets. These opportunities provide a space for underrepresented groups, early career scholars, and other professionals to grow in the field.

Institute for World Affairs & Security (IWAS)

The Institute for World Affairs & Security deals with security, war, economics, and much more. IWAS also engages with students and the scholarly community by providing educational field trips, language learning, research, data analysis, and membership.


Instats supports research communities and promote academic freedom by providing a platform for research training and community building with their global network of renowned experts and esteemed institutions.

Jason Institute for Peace and Security Studies

For over 45 years, the JASON Institute for Peace and Security Studies has been engaged in informing students and young professionals on matters of international peace and security. JASON regularly organizes exclusive events with leading security stakeholders. Additionally, JASON publishes a quarterly magazine containing sophisticated articles written by both young professionals as well as prominent academics.

What characterizes JASON is that its events and magazines are accessible free of charge and are open to anyone, regardless of sex, age, descent, cultural and religious beliefs. JASON believes that through inclusive dialogue, we can provide the leaders of tomorrow with a dynamic platform to engage with the leaders of today.

Leading Women of Tomorrow (LWT)

Leading Women of Tomorrow strives to equip more undergraduate women with the skills, resources, and confidence to become advocates in their professional fields, with the goal of creating a broader network of change-makers in the next generation. For their vision, Leading Women of Tomorrow was awarded the Resolution Fellowship at the 2017 United Nations Youth Assembly. LWT works with leaders from campuses across the country to develop innovative programming, ranging from speaker series with world-renowned experts to engaging thematic workshops. Since its inception, LET has been committed to fostering a spirit of ingenuity among our members.

National Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation Pakistan

Organized by ICYF-DC MOIC is defined as “An authentic simulation of the OIC Summit or Council of Foreign Ministers, or any other multilateral body, which catapults students into the world of diplomacy and negotiation. In Model OIC, students step into the shoes of Ambassadors/Ministers/Presidents of OIC Member States to debate current issues on the Organization’s vast agenda. The students, better known as “delegates” in Model OIC, prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the OIC’s rules of procedure-all in the interest of mobilizing “international cooperation” to resolve problems that affect almost every country on Earth.”

Politico’s EU Studies & Career Fair

POLITICO’s EU Studies & Career Fair is the annual meeting place for universities and organizations to engage with international students and young professionals looking for a future in EU affairs, international relations, political sciences, business, economics, public policy, public affairs, and law. Taking place online via a bespoke interactive platform, the fair is the largest recruiting event in EU affairs in Europe.


Pressto is the first writing and micro-journalism platform for Kindergarten through High School. Pressto teaches students across the globe to communicate more clearly, to process and interpret information, and reduce their risk of depression and self-harm from social media. Pressto is built for accessibility. Their cognitive behavioral therapy teaches critical thinking and media, communication, and life skills. Pressto leaves young people less susceptible to the manipulations of social media.


PeaceX is an international amity and peace organisation that affirms to strive for the morals of harmonious coexistence and positive multifaceted development of peoples with a cooperative consortium of youth across the world.

PeaceX aims to create a congress of erudite youth who revere and partake in working for the ideals of peace, justice and socio-economic development. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals acting as our pole star, PeaceX asserts to achieve its own twelve goals by brainstorming vibrant policy ideas and incubating community-rooted endeavors to counter and correct contemporary plights. Being cognizant of the fact that participation for the creation of strong institutions is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is tectonically key in the achievement of the seventeenth Sustainable Development Goal, PeaceX pedestalizes the virtue of diverse co-opting of projects for development.

Student Think-Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR)

STEAR – The world’s first Europe-Asia Student Think Tank – Established in 2021. The Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR) aims to strengthen relations and deepen cultural ties between the two billion people living across Europe and Asia. ​ Our vision is to serve as the first and leading policy institute for students and young professionals in Europe and Asia, to provide a bridge between the two continents, and to strengthen multilateral cooperation and international prosperity. ​ Our mission is based on three foundations: policy work; cultural exchanges; and our capacity building programme.

The SDG Accord

The SDG Accord is the university and college sector’s collective response to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). It was launched in September 2017 and is administered by the EAUC. IAPSS signed the SDG accord in 2021.

The Peterloo Institute

Manchester’s first student-run think tank, Peterloo Institute is proud to provide an inclusive and diverse policymaking platform. By engaging with a range of opinions, Peterloo Institute is educating and informing both themselves and others. But this isn’t just an academic exercise – the Institute participates in the policy world, builds partnerships at all levels, and provides real solutions to issues across Greater Manchester. The Institute harnesses the drive and determination of students to build on the brilliant heritage of this place and its people, all because we think the great policy is the best path to progress.

The Young Diplomat

The Young Diplomat is a young and growing organisation, founded in 2018 by Hans van den Berg. International negotiation is a corner stone of foreign policy and affairs. The field of international politics, European affairs and public institutions can be complex. Especially where business and public governance come together. Their experts work in the field of public and private negotiations, specifically where these meet each other. The Young Diplomat provides training and consultancy in preparing, strategizing and carrying out negotiations as well as implementation and follow up of agreements. Their mission is to ensure you can achieve your goals through a smooth negotiation process where all parties benefit.

The World with MNR

The World With MNR is dedicated to taking action for climate justice, gender equality, and inclusivity through advocacy, storytelling, and development projects. The World with MNR runs a variety of projects and activities such as the podcast “The Whole Wide World”, the weekly Instagram Campaign “Digitivism”, the Instagram show “Les Incroyables”, project “Girls’ Education in Pakistan”, and others.


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, established on 16 November 1945. Its stated purpose is to contribute to peace security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the UN Charter. IAPSS holds Consultative Status with UNESCO.

Voters Without Borders

Voters Without Borders puts young people center stage: a team of Erasmus students, supported by a wider coalition, campaigning for full political rights for EU citizens who practice their rights to freedom of movement.

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