The field of political science finds its roots in the European continent, with Europe often playing a crucial role in the development of both the scientific field and the sphere of political practice. The European continent is also home to some of the most historic educational institutions and think tanks. In order for political science students to participate in this field, IAPSS Europe remains on top of these developments and aims to enlarge its presence.

Our main goal is to create a solid network of political science students in Europe, giving them opportunities and tools for professional growth, such as research projects, conferences, winter/summer schools, webinars, etc. Any student of political science – at any level – can participate in the formation of this organization. We provide a platform for you to express your ideas and share your research. Check our announcements section to learn how to participate with us.

Frank Stengs

Regional Chair

Frank is a Political Science student from the Netherlands. He has finished his bachelor’s in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and currently is pursuing his second bachelor in Middle Eastern studies at Leiden University. His interests lie in European Foreign Affairs, IR theory, the Middle East and Iran. Frank started his journey at IAPSS as an Administrative Coordinator at the World Congress. After the Congress, he decided to become more involved in IAPSS and ran for Chair of Europe. His aim is to grow the European community by involving and creating awareness with local student associations. A broader support base and bigger community would bring more opportunities for our members, partners, organization, and the Political Science Student community as a whole.

Clara Caspar

Regional Deputy Chair

Clara is a student at the University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne. At the moment she is doing a double Bachelors in Political Science and History. She first joined IAPSS in 2020, as member of Les Politistes, a partner association of IAPSS. Working with members of IAPSS Global made her realize she still had much too learn. Being part of IAPSS was the perfect compromise: she got to learn and gain experience by working with a team on extensive projects, which you won’t get from a classroom. IAPSS gives you the opportunity to take part in the field of political science at your own level which is why she joined! Looking at the coming years, she plans on staying an active member of IAPSS, especially in the European branch of the organization. After finishing my Bachelor, she would like to take a gap year so she can focus on internships in political science, gaining experience and skills, before pursuing a Master degree in Political Science.

Samuel Chan

Programs & Events Coordinator

Samuel is a young professional from Singapore, now currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. He completed his Bachelor's of Social Sciences in Public Policy & Global Affairs from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a second major in Communications Studies. He is personally interested in research on intractability of conflict - ranging from intractable territorial disputes and M.A.D strategic calculations - , and the politics & ethic of refugee rights and refugee protection. He began volunteering with IAPSS as projects and event coordinator as it aligns with his prior experience in events management and long-term goal of involvement and further studies in the field of political science. Samuel aims to pick up professional skills that will allow him to be a proficient individual contributor or leader in an international organization.

Zahra Jaffery

Media Coordinator

Zahra is the new Media Coordinator for IAPSS Europe Chapter. She has received her undergraduate degree from the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and then received her Post Graduate degree from the International University of Sarajevo. Spending her most impressionable years in the Balkan region, she has gained an interest in inter-ethnic conflict mediation as well as post conflict resolution. However, what she feels the most passionate about is race and gender and hopes to work towards creating parity someday. As a media coordinator, Zahra is eager to bring awareness to the IAPSS Europe Chapter!

Beatriz Filipe

Outreach Coordinator

Beatriz is a young professional from Portugal. She is currently concluding her Masters in Maritime Law and Economy of the sea at Nova School of Law in Portugal, and previously completed her Masters in International Relations at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She also has done internships at the Portuguese Navy and NATO Defense College. Her personal interests are in Realist IR theory and Political Science, especially in security matters. She also loves to hike and read books about her interests. Beatriz joined IAPSS as it has a real impact in youth and thinks it is important to remember that we, as students, are the future. Moreover, it is an important organization to network and deepen on your knowledge on the field

IAPSS Europe is interested in partnerships with universities, think tanks, lobbies, pressure groups, other youth associations and political groups. Interacting with these institutions, hosting joint events, and participating in their events is imperative for IAPSS Europe.

It is integral to engage in partnerships, in order to create more opportunities for our members. We offer a team of young talents, willing to engage to create a network of political science students!

Do you want to help us supporting political science students, through the creation of new opportunities to develop their talents? IAPSS Europe is always open to new partnerships!

If you are interested in collaborating with IAPSS Europe please send an email to:

IAPSS Ukraine

IAPSS Ukraine was established by IAPSS around 2011 in response to a significant number of political science students in Ukraine expressing interest in getting involved with initiatives of their counterparts around the globe and hosting their own events and initiatives. In 2019, this partnership was formalized with an agreement signed by officials from IAPSS Ukraine, IAPSS Europe, and IAPSS Global. IAPSS Ukraine has hundreds of members across its country who elect their own executive team.

If you are interested in getting involved with IAPSS Ukraine, you can find their Facebook page here or email their president at

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