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With constant expansion, the IAPSS portfolio has grown for the past years. As a result, we are able to offer our members an even broader range of congresses, conventions, in combination with summer/winter schools, and study trips. IAPSS events are designed to provide participants from political science and related disciplines with a stepping stone into the world of politics. IAPSS events offer a high quality academic programme, as well as networking opportunities with high level stakeholders and scholars.

World Congress

The IAPSS World Congress is our major event as well as an established and well-recognized platform for students and junior scholars. Once a year, the World Congress provides an academic programme, as well as networking opportunities with high-level stakeholders and scholars.

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Academic Convention

The IAPSS Academic Convention aims to provide political science and related discipline students and researchers with the following insights. First, you can present your own work and research within a variety of student panels. Second, the conference aims at bringing together experts from academia, politics, the media and civil society. Networking and exchanging with students and researchers on the conference topic is the focus. Besides the academic program, the social program gives time to explore the city and to network with participants and experts.

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Study Trips

IAPSS Study Trips are an established format of IAPSS events where IAPSS members come together, network with other members from all over the world and investigate a specific topic by having lectures, visits, and discussions. All IAPSS Study Trips go to one specific and important place where it takes place. Arrived there all the participants deal with the contemporary study of politics under a specific topic of the IAPSS Study Trip.

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Seasonal School

The Seasonal Schools of IAPSS offer unique experiences which consist of a wide range of lectures, active discussions, and workshops, as well as one-day trips and an intriguing social program. We focus on comprehensive and engaging daily schedules, emphasising the didactic component of learning throughout the entire program.
Participants gain new experiences and knowledge while also learning about different academic approaches and views during our one week program. Seasonal Schools are great opportunities to get inspired by fresh ideas on future projects or term papers. What many of our participants always bring up after the program is that the Seasonal School provided them a platform to speak up their mind and to critically reflect upon concepts and policies in a group. Last but not least, we always leave the Seasonal School with new wonderful and lasting friendships!

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IAPSS regularly sends delegations to conferences of its international partner associations. These include primarily the International Political Science Association (IPSA), the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and the International Studies Association (ISA). Delegations consist of IAPSS members presenting their papers and/or acting as Chair or Discussant at a panel. At least one member of the IAPSS Board is present at the respective conference, coordinates the delegation, and also uses the opportunity of meeting partners from across the globe to discuss and plan joint projects, initiatives, and events. Delegations hold one or multiple panels, sometimes also a section. The latter acts as a cluster of multiple panels focusing on one greater topic in current political science debate and research. However, meetings with our partners at the venue to discuss the future paths of our partnership also mark an important component. In this regard, delegations always depict a great chance for us to discuss upcoming projects and joint initiatives. On some occasions, students and young researchers outside of IAPSS but with an interest in being IAPSS members and part of an IAPSS Delegation are also offered to apply via an open application process.

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