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IAPSS Ukraine Sends a Delegate to G20 Culture Ministers Meeting in Rome, Italy

By August 18, 2021August 29th, 2021No Comments
Two Ukrainians present at the July 2021 G20 Culture Ministers Meeting in Rome, Italy. Left: President of the International Foundation Mykola Volkivskyi. Right: IAPSS Ukraine Vice President Artem Oliinyk.

IAPSS Ukraine is working toward international cooperation and is representing political science students on the world stage!

At the July 29-30 Culture Ministers Meeting of G20 in Rome, there were only two Ukrainians: IAPSS Ukraine Vice President Artem Oliinyk and the President of the International Foundation Mykola Volkivskyi. The event addressed issues of economic growth, international security challenges, innovation, preservation of cultural heritage, economic recovery after the pandemic, and other important issues in international affairs.

The dialogue with diplomatic delegations, leading politicians, and leaders of world organizations took place at the Palazzo Barberini in Rome. Speakers included General Secretary of Interpol Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuriya, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Ghada Waly, International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property Webber Ndoro and others were deeply thinking about future solutions.

As a result, the most significant problems discussed as reported by IAPSS Ukraine included:

  • the difficulty of post-COVID recovery;
  • the threat of social unrest and political extremist attacks to cultural heritage;
  • the effectiveness of youth policy and cultural diplomacy for mutual understanding between peoples;
  • the need for new response requirements in the digital age;
  • intellectual property protection worldwide; and
  • the investigation and tracking of criminals involved in the illegal sale of valuables.

The meeting of ministers resulted in the signing of the Rome Declaration, which approved the vectors of activities in the field of culture and reaffirmed the intention to promote cultural security and foster collaboration in terms of heritage preservation. The summit solemnly ended with an incredible concert that included a symphony orchestra in the Colosseum.

IAPSS is proud of Artem and IAPSS Ukraine for representing political science students at this important meeting and for their commitment to student advocacy at the international level. If you have questions for IAPSS Ukraine or would like to collaborate with them or participate in their activities, you are welcome to contact them via their Facebook page here.

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