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Call for Papers – IAPSS Academic Convention 2023

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Call for Papers – IAPSS Academic Convention 2023

Universidad Hemisferios, Quito, Ecuador

“State Responsibility: Fourth Industrial Revolution, Sustainability and Good Governance”

The Academic Convention will be an event for a global community of young political science students to discuss current issues in politics and political science, and create comprehensive research designs to understand our changing world. It will provide space to share varying epistemological views and approaches to understanding politics. Our selected theme is “State Responsibility: Fourth Industrial Revolution, Sustainability and Good Governance“.

The convergence of the physical, digital and biological spheres, referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, has promised a metamorphosis in the way we experience life. From governance to supply chains, and from working conditions to daily human interactions, changes are either already here or imminent. Hailed as a solution to problems related to security, inequality, and of course, the economy, experts warn that the result might be the exact opposite. As uncertainty lingers, it is imperative that politological ideas were brought into the spotlight.

At the same time, climate change poses an ontological security challenge to numerous nations that have found themselves either rapidly sinking or frequently experiencing severe weather phenomena. Despite the Paris Agreement, tangible steps still have not taken root, resulting in an unprecedented level of natural catastrophes. While sustainability is revered, the lack of accord and impactful commitment by the international community prohibit dynamic progress. In the meantime, the disproportionate effects that greenhouse gas emissions produced in developed countries have on developing states result in legal and political disputes.

On the national level, good governance is essential to ensure transparent and fair politics guided by the rule of law. Governance, as a process, transcends the limitations of the government and provides the space where the public and the private can converge in order to foster cooperation and beneficial interaction. It is, hence, imperative to guarantee participation from various societal stakeholders should good governance be a priority.

Should it, therefore, be the responsibility of the state to establish legal mechanisms to regulate the use of emerging technologies? What are the limitations of engaging in international cooperation and collaboration? How can governments and societal stakeholders participating in governance promote transparency and public participation in a way that preserves values, safeguards rights and fosters inclusive and sustainable growth? 

With this conference theme, IAPSS hopes to encourage students and junior scholars of political science and related disciplines to participate in this exciting academic discussion. If you have never presented a paper before, this is your best chance to start!

Guidelines for Abstract Submissions:

Please send us your abstract (200 – 300 words) with your name, your subject of study and home university, contact email, the title of your paper and 5 keywords by the extended deadline of September 17, 2023, by filling out the form on this page.

You may also submit a full panel or roundtable, provided that you can provide a minimum of three and a maximum of five papers authored by different people. If you are interested in submitting a full panel, please make sure to provide a title and abstract that will support your submission.

Please note that all panels will take place in person at Universidad Hemisferios in Quito, Ecuador.

Panel Chairs and Discussants:

If you are interested in participating as panel chair and/or discussant, please send your CV, including the above-mentioned personal data, to


The selection panel will consist of the IAPSS Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the Editorial Board of the Encuentro Latinoamericano Journal, and members of the Academic Department of the Organizing Committee of the IAPSS Academic Convention 2023. Selected candidates for all positions (presenters, chairpersons, discussants) will be announced on a rolling basis. The final papers of selected candidates should be submitted by October 20th, 2023


Please note that you need to be registered for the World Congress by purchasing your ticket in the IAPSS Web Store. In addition, a valid IAPSS membership is needed to be eligible to register and participate in the conference. Registration for panelists may take place after abstract decisions are announced.

Further information:

Early bird registration is open from July 15th, 2023, to October 5th, 2023.

Group 1* Group 2* Group 3*
$40 $40 $30

Regular registration is open from October 6th, 2023, to November 1st, 2023.

Group 1* Group 2* Group 3*
$60 $60 $50

* All countries are categorized based on their Gross National Income. The country selected must be the member’s country of residence. Click here to see the detailed list of countries.

Limited travel grants may be available. Successful applicants will be notified regarding grants at a later date.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Eyrin Kyriakidi
Vice-President & Head of the Academic Department

International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS)

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