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A Different View: Updates September 2023

By September 29, 2023No Comments

This month on ADV:

This September, A Different View features two publications from members of the Political Theory SRC.

First is Benjamin Segovia’s The Politics Outside Public Reason. This piece is definitely a good read, addressing the role of public reason in political discourse. It discusses contemporary authors, including Mouffe, Rawls, and Žižek. Please access it here:

The second article is Noah Busbee’s Tacit Consent: Individual Will and Political Obligation. The article explores a classic theme of social contract theory, namely whether governments have our (tacit) consent to rule. Please access it here:

Next month on ADV:

A Different View continues its rolling call for submissions of articles. We encourage both individual submissions and endorsements from the IAPSS SRCs. As always, we do not set topics or themes for submissions but will issue a monthly writing prompt for those interested. For this coming October, I am setting the theme as Tricky Treats. Politics can be surprising, for it often deals with unforeseen circumstances, such as economic challenges or new communication strategies in new media that distort reality. 

Please check out the guidelines for submission on our webpage:

Please email submissions to Ronald M. Castillo, ADV Editor-in-Chief, through

For SRCs interested in having a particular issue within ADV, please contact Paul N. Möller, ADV Deputy Editor-in-Chief, through   

Some changes:

The Letter from the Editor will continue to be released every first Monday of the month. However, the Updates, such as this post containing the list of recent publications and the rolling call for submissions, will be posted at the last Friday of each month. 

– Ronald M. Castillo

ADV Editor-in-Chief

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