The IAPSS Student Research Committees (SRCs) are a framework for research activities provided by IAPSS to reach out to any student or researcher who wants to conduct free research in an established surrounding with many possibilities to publish. *The SRCs have preferred access to publishing articles in our Journals and Blogs, and are also presenting their work at IAPSS conferences. Once established SRCs* *work independently* *conducting* their research based on the structure provided by IAPSS.

If you want to do a free research project in collaboration with the SRCs which will be published on the SRC page you can just check out the possibilities below on this page. For establishing a new Student Research Committee, if you cannot find any already established SRC which covers your research interests, you need three *IAPSS* members or *soon-to-be* IAPSS members and then click on the button below.

For inquiries please feel free to contact the Student Research Committee Team: