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The Asia and Oceania Student Research Committee was established by IAPSS to bring researchers and students together with a common interest in the regions of Asia and Oceania. The SRC is composed of several undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate researchers from all over the world who conduct research individually and together. 

While the group has a regional focus, the researchers study and analyse a variety of topics, such as electoral behaviour, gender studies, comparative politics, conflict, and international relations. Among the ongoing projects of the SRC are lectures on various topics, a sample of which can be found here, on the IAPSS YouTube channel. Additionally, the Committee Members have employed outlets such as the World Congress Conference, A Different View, Politikon and podcasts within and beyond IAPSS, to publish their research and insights. Finally, the Asia and Oceania SRC has organised academic webinars to help students and young scholars advance their academic skills.


Current theme: Development and aid flow in the Indo-Pacific.

The Indo-Pacific has emerged as a prominent geostrategic landscape in recent years, especially in light of China’s growing presence in the region. The region has witnessed the proliferation of multilateral and mini lateral platforms for cooperation and dialogue amongst various stakeholders, such as the Quadrilateral security dialogue (Quad) of India, the US, Australia, and Japan; the India-Australia-Japan and the India-Indonesia-Australia trilaterals; and the newly created AUKUS, an alliance of Australia, the UK, and the US. While these forums prioritise strategic security concerns in the region, they also have the potential to expand their cooperation to domains such as the economy and health security. The Quad, for instance, played an instrumental role in Covid-19 vaccine diplomacy in the region. There is potential for the nations to engage in joint exercises, similar to those that India conducts with Russia, the US, and the UK. India and Japan can also collaborate on expanding expeditionary capabilities such as cadet-training, mid-career training programs, and intelligence-sharing; defence, trade and technology; and contingency planning for specific scenarios, akin to the Japan-US exercise. Identifying complementarities in Official Development Assistance (ODA), for the developing as well as less developed countries, also presents scope for future cooperation. The central focus lies in ensuring how these nations are tackling climate change issues worldwide.

Exploratory Notes: Under the broad research dimension, the Asia and Oceania SRC will focus on the development aid in the Indo- Pacific. SRC members are expected to examine, investigate and analyse either individually or collectively, the challenges faced in the region; Development assistance issues in the region; and future prospects amalgamating the underlying dimensions of climate change issues.

Members are expected to work individually and in groups and contribute to the SRC theme with written reports and lectures. Interested members must submit their CV and a short research proposal on the SRC theme.

In case of inquiries, please contact Soumya Tiwari, Chair, at We are looking forward to receiving your application and/or questions about our SRC and projects.


Soumya Tiwari
Chair, Asia & Oceania Student Research Committee

Soumya Tiwari is currently pursuing FPM Doctoral Research in International Business at FORE School of Management. She also possesses a Postgraduate degree in International Relations, Public Relations, Public Policy and Administration and Foreign Policy. Soumya has experience in corporate and academic environments in positions of significant responsibility. She has done exemplary Internship opportunities, as well as community volunteerism.

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