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Statement by Denis Ratushniy, head of academic department in IAPSS Ukraine

By April 4, 2022No Comments

I do not know is there any possibility to say something that was not already written by thousands and millions of us. Nevertheless, it is essential matter – THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS. I am grateful to everyone, who involved in defense of our country. Hard examination are waiting for all of us, but it would be Sunrise then. Its rays are already within our souls. There will be cities and villages, families and communities, books and films, trees and seas. There will be we.

Time-duration ongoing so slow, as we are taking part in the “interminable first week of an ocean voyage” (W.James). Ocean voyage by the ship under hard gunfire. Its sections are filling by water. However, we keep going. Some part of us is under the direct fire, some other one in relatively safe places of vessel. Metal scraping is terrifying. It is the way life break out.

There are many tales in Aksel Sandemose’s novel “Varulven” about casual, civil, at first look gentle Norwegians, who with absolute composure brutally deals with German occupation forces and local collaborators. Whenever possible. That was strange to me, when I was reading this novel. But not so much now.

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