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A Different View

A Different View (ADV) December’s Letter from the Editor

By December 9, 2022No Comments

In our world, we see that our countries have been separated, and we think that our borders would protect us from outside crises. But let’s pause for a moment and think about it again. Can our countries truly be separated from the world? Can we rationally promote safety in our own countries while ignoring what is happening elsewhere?

As our world develops, there are many different challenges that no longer rely on specific regions. We see and feel climate change everywhere. Our communities around the world are constrained by radical beliefs. The availability of food and clean water has also been limited in many countries. With today’s technology, we can understand that when we face our problems, they affect not only our community but also our international community. It is vital to understand that we are living in a place where our problems are connected. As a result of these related problems and errors, we must think and understand globally to resolve them.

In doing so, ADV, as a part of IAPSS, has presented a platform for sharing ideas and concerns about our mutual problems worldwide. We are dedicated to endeavoring our responsibilities regarding these issues. Now we want to make a place where everyone everywhere would be able to make communication and represents their solutions to our mutual problems. We believe it does not solve all of our problems, but at least it would be a first step in setting a mutual understanding which is a critical part of doing this.

– Alireza Shakiba, ADV Editor