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The Repercussions of Covid-19 on Global Politics – Meenakshi Bansal

By December 5, 2020August 28th, 2021No Comments

The present work is commentary on the repercussions of Covid-19 on global politics. The author tried to comment on the intensity of Covid-19’s aftermath impact on global politics. The backdrop of this commentary is covid-19 which has emerged as the global pandemic in the present time. The most astonishing fact about this pandemic is its fatal nature which has claimed millions of life all over the world. It has raised a questions to the efficiency of our science & technological advancement. We human who used to consider themselves as the universe winners are now compelled to live within the house walls. ‘Time is unpredictable’ seems true in every manner these days.

Covid-19 has emerged as the focal point of global politics where international cooperation is also shaped by this pandemic. The definition of super power has altered now. The nations who have all the wealth is not powerful any longer. Instead, nations who have the caliber to deal with Covid-19 are shaping the new definitions of super power. All these has raised the fear of new cold war especially China and USA as the main center this time. In our last cold war, USSR and USA were the center but today, covid-19 is changing the concepts of the international politics.

USA accused China for bringing & spreading this deadly disease to the world. From USA’s point of views, China invented Covid-19 deliberately to establish its own supremacy. In fact, USA has put allegations on World Health Organizations (WHO) of supporting China. The tensions between USA and China has alarmed the whole world as both are the most powerful nation of the world and their clashes can lead us to the centuries back with brutal destructions to the mankind. Many political scientists are claiming it as the ‘coming of new cold war’ (Emma Ashrod & Matthew Kroenig, 2020). On the other hand, Zachary Karabell(2020) claimed that there would ‘not be any new cold war with china’. Only the coming time will unveil whose theory was correct. The coming world order would be destructive or constructive? It is hard to comment now. The fear of adversity due to the international clashes cannot be denied.

Not only USA-China but the tension between India and China has also put the serious threat to the peaceful existence of nations in global politics. The borders disputes between India-China, attacks on the armies are the chief reasons of disputes between them. In the lieu of these clashes, Indian government has banned the Chinese App in India in June, 2020.  These clashes has turned their bilateral relationship to the bitter one where both nations are looking at each other with suspicious eyes. To safeguard their interests, both nations are trying to strengthen the relationship with other nations of the world. This is the saga of every nation especially during covid-19.

Be it, China, India, USA, the clashes amongst them have become more visible during the covid-19 pandemic. Does the present pandemic has fuelled the clashes at the international level or these clashes are just the outcome of their previous international cooperation? This need attention. As during adversity when we should come together to save the world, the humanity and the mankind what are we actually doing? In reality, we are just playing the accusing games with unsolvable puzzles of the global politics. Unfortunately, the most wise creature of the earth i.e. Man has lost its wisdom to the covid-19. The crisis need solution not the more problems at least at the level of global politics. Would we be able to regain our consciousness and stand unite against the present pandemic? In the nutshell, the author would like to highlight that the repercussions of the covid-19 on the global politics can be dangerous as indicated by the present clashes of USA-china and India-china.  Now, the question emerged that what is the relevance of our commitments to international fraternity where we vows to respect and pledge to help each other? The crisis shows the real picture as the present one does. The nations who should stand with each other firmly are accusing each other. Seriously, the impacts of Covid-19 on global politics are unmeasurable. We cannot actual decide the dimensions where it has effected or will effect. What we can do is just using our senses to the betterment of whole mankind not to the advancement of particular one nation. We are human that the simplest definition of us. The boundary of nation should not be used as criteria to decide our identity at least in the time of pandemic. It is true that Covid-19  have various repercussions on the global politics as discussed above but above them, it can be the great teacher to all of us with a lesson ‘on the importance and need of peaceful, safe and harmonious existence of all mankind.’

Dr. Meenakshi Bansal is pursuing her PGDWGS from IGNOU, New Delhi and engaged as the Chair for Student Research Committee (SRC) on Asia and Oceania, IAPSS. She has written extensively on various subjects which have not only presented in various National and International seminar/ conferences in India and abroad but have also been published as research papers and chapters in the journals of National and International repute.