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Statement by Sofia Makohin, the representative of IAPSS Ukraine

By February 26, 2022March 10th, 2022No Comments
Please note that statements published by Ukrainian students as part of our coverage of the war in Ukraine may not reflect the official position of IAPSS.

Laws of physics claim that the longest day will be a summer solstice on the 21st of June. As for me, the longest day of my entire life would always be the day when I woke up to Russia launching an aggressive attack on Ukraine, my motherland, on the 24th of February.

Comprehending that wars can still happen in the 21st century is absurd. Ukraine, my home country, is a young democracy located in the middle of Europe with its heart in our capital Kyiv. Currently, the whole country is suffering from Russian violent aggression. A shelled orphanage, an attack on a kindergarten, destroyed residential buildings. Scary combination, right? Those are the news Ukraine wakes up to every day. Nevertheless, many other highlights make me believe Ukraine is an incredibly trong country. “The Ghost of Kyiv,” a legendary Ukrainian airborne with six air-to-air kills, ordinary people offering any help to the refugees, even a local brewery in my hometown, Lviv, switched to making Molotov cocktails! I know that my country has incredible people who defend so bravely to have a future in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, we cannot fight the Russian anti-humanitarian regime alone. We need international help. Putin and his puppets, who have no respect for international law and basic principles of humanity, should not keep Ukraine and the whole world in terror.

Therefore, I ask you to take action.
● Spread the news
● Ask your governments to support us and force sanctions.
● Force NATO to close the sky (it doesn’t mean to call NATO troops, it is needed
for our protection)
● Donate and help Ukraine

For further information, please, use the following link:

Ukraine is a shield not only of Europe right now but also of the whole world. We see your prayers, and they are appreciated. But they are not enough. While you are sleeping peacefully, someone is dying to protect the core values of democracy. You can make a change while it is not too late.

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