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Statement by Bohdanna Duma, the representative of IAPSS Ukraine

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My name is Bohdanna Duma I am 21 years old, a student, and I will remain in Ukraine until our victory. It took me about 14 days to write this appeal, and I started writing it as a chronicle of events to preserve the memory and dynamics of events from the first day of the new wave of invasion on February 24. In view of this, I will combine what I have already reflected on what has happened recently in my address. I will combine personal experience, feelings that arose, and analysis of events to help you understand the situation as deeply as possible.

When it all started. I never thought that the war, which had been going on for eight years, could spread to all regions of Ukraine. I sincerely believed that military action would remain within the temporarily occupied regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. I sincerely believed that Ukraine will return temporarily occupied territories’ by  Russia’s through diplomacy way and our opposition to the Russian Federation’s hybrid war. Because our diplomats, Ukrainian troops, volunteers, and citizens fought for the occupied territories every day. As a student of the Faculty of International Relations and preparing myself for the future role of a diplomat, my work has always been within the limits of my ability to cover the tragic war of eight years.

All these eight years were not calm, it felt like we were walking on a minefield, and one careless step would make everyone around fail. Everyone understood that. And to escape this pressure, most people tried to be strong fighters in their place to study, work, reform the country to move closer to Euro-Atlantic integration. We saw this as a way to victory and return our territories.

During these years, many crimes were committed by the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories: the genocide of the indigenous population of the Crimean peninsula – Crimean Tatars; the formation of concentration camps in Donetsk and Luhansk where people were imprisoned for Ukrainian position or cooperation with the Ukrainian government. About what’s going on inside the most dangerous concentration camp «Isolatzion» former prisoner-journalist Stanislav Aseev wrote a book. And for several other crimes, the list of which will take several pages. All these years, Ukraine has fought for every Kremlin political prisoner in these territories, including in the international arena.

It was incredibly painful for me to see and observe the world community’s decisions and consume their eternal concern. There was an atmosphere in which Europe was tired of us and did not want to resolve the issue of Ukraine so as not to spoil relations with Russia. The decisions were purely formal and indecisive, and this caused dissonance. I had these thoughts: «How is this possible? What is the price of human life it is meager compared to business, gas, and money? European values are based on human rights, but why do they allow so much injustice and the freezing of other hostilities not only in Ukraine?» I justified these issues by saying that international relations are in a transitional stage. The old international relations and principles system are no longer effective against new challenges. And there is no way to solve these new challenges, so they are still being developed, and critical situations are trying to smooth out as much as possible. This is a kind of chaos, where everything is connected by the declared principles and recipes for solving the problems of the old order, but what to do now? Preventing a future war was the main goal of all the soft actions that led to the war. Perhaps the value of human life is a bargaining chip; personal gain is more profitable, even despite the dirt of these funds.

Days of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Encouraging Ukrainians with international support. These thoughts what I wrote already in previous paragraph were with me until February 25, the second day of the war. Since the first day of February 24, I realized that we are Ukrainians – always have been and will be for ourselves. Everyone is scared and afraid about to have such an enemy as the Russian Federation. My reason of having these thoughts was based on first day international community silence. On February 24, at 4 am, a full-scale invasion started, the Partner countries were silent, and some minimal humanitarian solutions appeared only on the evening of the 25th. The whole day 24 passed in the feeling of loneliness that we were just left alone in the confrontation, and we had to listen the silence carefully, every second to hear the plane fly. And have hope that this plane will not throw bomb into your home. It was hard to believe what was happening, and even though many of my friends abroad wrote to me – that they suggested to me leave Ukraine to protect me, I refused. Because this is my Motherland, my homeland, and I will not allow others to rule here. This is probably called national genes, and this feeling has awakened in every Ukrainian. I decided to fight here in Ukraine. And this decision was made by many of our citizens. Because Russia’s encroachment on our historical heritage and culture has always been present. And we understood that we must fight for our Motherland to the last drop of blood.

The temptations and sincere feelings of international partners and friends about my safety and health were great. Every day I received about 5 offers to leave Ukraine for different countries. Even strangers responded and wanted to help. At that moment, I realized that it was all the influence of Russian fakes on my consciousness. With us the whole world, because here in Ukraine, the fate of Europe is decided, and Ukraine is strong and wins. We have such strong international support, people’s faith, and enormous assistance to Ukraine from all over the world. I just don’t dare have such thoughts. And the wave of Russian fakes was significant. Everything was well planned and prepared in advance – because the primary goal of Russia was to destabilize Ukrainians our mental state and convince us of its loss at the time of a full-fledged invasion. As soon as I woke up on the 24th and started checking the news, I was already overwhelmed with excitement and panic because from the news; it looked as Russia had already captured half of Ukraine. It is good that these fakes were refuted by my friends from other regions (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Zaporizhia, Kherson). It is good that they explained to me that this was not true, and my panic was calmed down. So my friends heard the shelling yes they present, but the situation is still under control, our Ukrainian military is fully repulsed, the region is not captured by Russian troops. And so, I spent about six hours finding reliable channels I could trust and help reassure my parents and friends. So, it was the first day. I never thought that I would be obsessed with silence and forced to hide in the basement at the sound of a siren. In the next few days, you get used to it.

I would like to note that the support from the citizens of other countries and leaders of the countries only intensified every day, and it gave even more strength to fight in all possible ways. In addition to all the possible positive moments in this state, there were also negative ones that forced me to work to exhaustion – it’s death. I lost two friends; they died from the shelling of the Russian army in apartment buildings in Kyiv and Kharkiv; in particular, several of my friends were at risk of death – because bombs were falling near their homes. Increased feelings of contempt were the fact that Russian troops in Ukrainian captivity claimed they did not know where they were, saying they thought they were in military training. And they asked to release them because they knew nothing. As it turned out, this was a pre-conceived strategy in case the Russian military was captured. They tried to provoke pity and sympathy in us, knowing that they had killed our citizens and destroyed cities … Of course, we did not believe it because, since when have military exercises been conducted by bombing cities and civilian objects, accompanied by looting and rape? This is such a lie. Later correspondence and intercepted calls to our Armed Forces were published to the ukrainian publicity. And they proved the lies of the Russian troops and the confirmation that the Russian troops have a direct order to fire on the civilian population of Ukraine – to make a genocide. It is reminiscent of World War II, when the Nazis made human shields out of civilians and fired on them during evacuations or simply for humanitarian aid instead of waging war with the military. They (Russian troops) do not neglect the shelling of everyone – foreigners, children, retirees, women, volunteers, doctors.

Russian troops knew they would be advancing on Ukraine on February 16, 2022. They complained to their relatives about correspondence and phone calls that they earning less for killed Ukrainians than they received in Syria.

How did the President of Russia argue for the beginning of the genocide of Ukrainians to his citizens? Russian citizens support the genocide of Ukrainians. Say NO to Russian propaganda. The Russian media gave several arguments to their citizens and the world community why they are doing this war. I want to warn you that by reading these basic arguments for intrusion, you will not believe that such information can inspire confidence in someone. This information does not fit into common sense, but unfortunately, it does. You can easily check it by listening to the Russian media and the speeches of politicians:

  1. The basis of Russia’s activities and interference in the affairs of other states is their ideology: «Russian peace» often can find these definitions «Russkiy mir», «Russian world», it’s refers to Putin’s phrase: «why do we need peace if there is no Russia in it?» The «Russian world» concept is considered «the ideological basis of modern Russian neo-imperial geopolitical doctrine, the era of Putinism.» It serves as an ideological basis for historical revenge – military aggression to restore Russia within its influence in 1991 with colonies and satellites in Europe, the Caucasus, and Syria. Some observers see the Russian World Project as a complete analog, remake, or compilation of the Nazi Third Reich. With this ideology, Russia allows itself to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries under the guise of peacekeeping and protection of the Russian-speaking population that is allegedly discriminated against. Also, this ideology bears the supremacy of the Russian nation language above all others.
  2. For the «demilitarization» of Ukraine. From an analysis of the Russian media and direct appeals to citizens, President Vladimir Putin added the term «demilitarization» to the meaning that Ukraine is under «external control» by other states (meaning the United States and Europe). And that this «external control» has armed Ukraine so that there is NATO troops present who want to attack Russia. That is why, for Russia’s security, they were the first to attack, because if that had not happened, «NATO would have fought on Russian territory.»
  3. The struggle of Russian against «nationalists and Nazis» and «Bandera » An other fake terms created by Russian propaganda to make theirs full-scale war «legitimate.» Russian propaganda has long imposed definitions created by them on Ukrainians. «Bandera residents» are ukrainian citizens named by Russian propaganda who live in the western part of Ukraine. Because during the Second World War, when the Ukrainian nation was threatened with extinction, Ukrainian philosopher and politician Stepan Bandera helped preserve the Ukrainian national idea and identity. Russia does not like this figure, even nowday Russian still called him «Nazi.» And this is despite the fact that Stepan Bandera was in a concentration camp in Germany, and the Nazis killed his brothers. Stepan Bandera was even killed by USSR agent in Germany. At that time, Russia feared that Ukrainian national identity would be revived. Namely, Stepan Bandera, in his works and identified the key pillars that shape any nation.

In Ukraine, the influence and support of the «Russian peace» have long been felt in the Eastern Territories, in contrast to the western regions of Ukraine. This probably frightened Russian propaganda, so they used fictitious «Nazi-Bandera nationalists» from the West as those involved in the fratricide of their citizens in eastern Ukraine. Even the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and Luhansk were occupied under the slogan: «liberation and giving freedom of these territories from the «Bandera residens», who kill all those citizens who do not profess theirs ideology.» Having created such myths, by russian propaganda they wanted to create misunderstandings in society between the regions of Ukraine in the West and East. Making russian citizens believe that we (ukrainians) are «attacking ourselves and fighting ourselves.»

Interestingly, Russia imposes its own crimes on those countries or people who did not commit these crimes in its propaganda. Here is one piece of evidence: Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, under the slogan «protection of the Russian-speaking population,» and russian troops but itself killing Russian-speaking people and destroying their cities in Ukraine who was long liberal to Russia.

  1. «Protection» of russian native speaking population. This is a rather old thesis, which occupied Luhansk and Donetsk. Because Russians are sure that the Russian language was discriminated in Ukraine. And Russia, with the ideology of the «Russian peace,» defends the Russian language in all corners of the world. Vladimir Putin’s quote in an interview that: «Russia has no borders» is illustrative. And language is exactly the border. And given the fact that many Russians who support the Putin regime have left Russia and living in the other countries. Who knows whether Putin’s time comes for «save Russian-speakers» in other countries. Therefore, this is the reason why it is important to preserve the national language; because, Putin may come to «protect you.» In fact, there in Ukraine is no language discrimination, and there is one official state language in Ukraine decelerated in our Constitution. But Putin is using this rhetoric to maintain his sphere of influence in these regions (eastern regions of Ukraine), where civilians speak Russian, constantly trying to stir up internal hostility among citizens over the language issue.
  2. Covering up a full-scale military invasion with the definition of «peacekeeping operation» and «special operation.» The meaning of the definition of «peacekeeping operation» is an operation to maintain peace, ensure peace or enforce peace. The distortion of the concept by Russian propaganda is again demonstrative. Are peacekeeping operations accompanied by killings, rapes, violations of humanitarian norms, genocide, and the destruction of cities by bombing? The only thing Ukraine really needs for a peacekeeping operation is to return the Crimean peninsula, Luhansk, and Donbas to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, to force terrorists and illegitimate authorities to lean towards the right decision under international law.

Citizens must be responsible for their elections. And the strength of the nation’s spirit determines the sincere desire to resist and change this power. Protests are being held in Russia for 11-12 days of the war (they were still held in the first days, but they were easily dispersed because the Russians argued that they were afraid the police would detain them). We Ukrainians understand that the powerful wave of protests on days 11-12 are no longer protests for supporting us –they are fighting for the return of their economic goods, which have suffered from sanctions.

Russian citizens who live forever and consume this propaganda of media fakes have developed contempt for Ukrainians, a desire to kill Ukrainians, justify Russian citizens’ military invasion of Ukraine, disapproval of our Ukrainian sovereignty because they see us as part of Russia. Because they are often sold the thesis «we are one part» (means that Russians thinks that Ukrainian people are russians. What is not true). Russian schools teach a distorted history, where they appropriate the heritage of Kyiv Rus, appropriate the national dishes of Ukraine, and more. They erase the borders between different nations, stealing from others. This genocide of modern Ukrainians has a century-long history. In the eyes of Russians, it initially is absent respect for Ukraine and its citizens. This genocide evokes a completely normal perception, as respect and boundaries were destroyed long ago. And this is perceived by Russians as a natural process that should have taken place a long time ago, so their other argument, «we are saving you», «we are peacekeepers,» demonstratively shows the normalization of the culture of violence in their society and sincere admiration and respect for the history of the USSR with its crimes.

It is important to understand Putin’s long-term funding of his propaganda campaign worldwide, including in Ukraine. Even before February 24, the attacked areas in Ukraine territory were mostly friendly to Russia as they were subjected to a full-fledged war. Despite the war that has lasted for eight years, people in the east of Ukraine spoke Russian at home and work. Indeed, most of them (not all) believed in the «fraternal people of Russia»; many citizens of the eastern territories of Ukraine have relatives in Russia and had a stereotypical fake perception of «evil Bandera residence from the western regions of Ukraine» imposed by Russian propaganda. What was the logic of Vladimir Putin in attacking cities where people spoke Russian, and the large population was pro-Russian? For what? This only confirms his desire to destroy Ukrainians as a nation, regardless of the language they speak. This is the ideology of the «Russian peace.» Destroy one nation to take away its history, culture, land, national memory and appropriate it. Because a powerful state must have a powerful history, Russia, unfortunately, has a bloody and criminal history and a great dream to capture the historical heritage of Kyiv Rus, which does not belong to it. Many issues will need to be resolved in the future in relations between Ukraine and Russia because we Ukrainians understand that with the change in Russia to another president, relations between us will not change, which is confirmed by our centuries-old historical experience. Because the same crimes against us have been going on for over 300 years with extreme cruelty. There is not left a single generation of Ukrainians who have not suffered genocide from Russia.

Communicating and asking the citizens of Russia in the first days of the invasion in Ukraine on February 24, with calling to them to believe us – failed; they grew up on the propaganda of a great super-nuclear state, which everyone should fear. This imposed supremacy over all other nations and countries is still palpable because even now, Russian citizens abroad and in Russia, itself are concerned and offended by all because of one thing: «Why does everyone support Ukraine and not us, Russians? We Russians are also suffering because of sanctionsThey do not understand that the world community will not forgive the genocide and will not turn a blind eye to it, as Russia used to be with impunity for other international crimes in Transnistria, Georgia, and Syria, which should have been solved and condemned immediately by the international community.

It is important to realize that Putin and Hitler are identical individuals who commit the same crimes to elevate the Russian nation above all else. But even Putin has made an innovation in a similar bloody scenario copied by Hitler’s plan – a crematorium for his Russian soldiers. Putin is hiding the deaths of soldiers from his people. Burning in their own crematoria. This is a crime and a level of contempt for Putin against his own citizens. There has never been such an atrocity in the history of humanity. Equally criminal is Putin’s desire to intimidate the world with nuclear war and the use of hazardous weapons. In particular, Russian troops are attacking nuclear power plants, the explosion of which will cover the whole of Europe with nuclear ash. On the third day of the Russian invasion, the whole of Ukraine froze in anticipation because russain tropps invaded in Chernobyl nuclear power plan and did shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear reactors. That is criminal one, since it is the largest power plant in Europe, where five power units operate. There are in total 15 power units in Ukraine.

I want to talk about my volunteer experience in my city because it is important to understand the level of brutality in Russia. During my volunteering, I had to communicate with many refugees from the attacked territories of Russian troops. These are people from the following oblasts: Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and other oblasts where provocations of explosions or arson. As the blitzkrieg failed (the promised 72 hours of full-fledged capture of the Eastern Territories, including Kyiv, failed), Russian soldiers and Russian information troops are trying to undermine the psychological state of citizens by committing numerous subversive provocations in various areas. During our short conversation, the refugees said terrible things. Often their first question immediately after the greeting is: «Here also the city time to time being shelling?» People and small children are scared of loud sounds. Therefore, we are trying so hard to not make loud noises or put something loud because they are terrified.

I was struck by the story of a woman who managed to get out of Kharkiv. She arrived alone. She told her relatives who lived in Russia and asked for help because Russian troops bombed her house. Russian relatives proved to her that she was lying, it was all «Bandera residence and NATO» bombing them (according to the legends of Russian propaganda, NATO supports «Bandera residence»), and they Russians «save us from fascist nationalists.» She tried to convince them that this was not the case, but as a result, relatives from Russia blocked her. This woman is in Lviv without anything; everything was destroyed: the house, she lost her job, only documents survived. And here thousands of such people with horrible stories of surviving. It is challenging to hear stories about the pressure and difficulty people leave dangerous cities. How long are they way of escaping; how they are trying to avoid shelling vehicles because Russian troops are shelling civilians, and it is unknown whether they will be able to evacuate to safety or reach safe place alive? In particular, it hurts the heart to see Russian troops, Belarusians, and cadres attacking children, children’s hospitals, medical facilities, and other civilians. Many women have to give birth in the subway or bomb shelters, or basements of maternity hospitals. Due to the killing of volunteers who delivering humanitarian aid, many towns and villages have been left without water and food, even though there is a lot of humanitarian aid – it is simply impossible to bring to these places because even volunteers are killing. In particular, there are problems with the evacuation of civilians in active military confrontation, the violation of silences that are allowed for citizens to cross green corridors; even humanitarian corridors are often mined what not even the Nazis did.

I still feel a great pang of conscience that I am not doing enough to help my citizens and the army. I want to do more and more. And other citizens in Ukraine have the same feeling. Only for first two days after the start of the military invasion, medical centers they stopped taking blood. Because Ukrainians have already donated too much of this blood to the military. The territorial defense and military units were recruited in two days, and people were sent home even with military experience. This is our strong front of citizens; we have all felt the strength and our duty to fight together, covering the backs of our army. Therefore, from the first day, I forced myself to start acting. These were days without sleep and almost no food because all the time was aimed at least some help in the information space, international, in raising funds for the army, and in helping with clothes, medicine, food for our military and refugees. Thus began my volunteer work and joining the information army, which I work with every day, volunteering during the day, working on the information front at night, and dialogues with partners to gain support for the Ukrainian army.

Summarizing, analysis and reflection.

Ukrainians are a strong nation and by telling all these horrible things, we are not trying to make you feel sorry. We want that you perceive us as worthy, strong fighters for our freedom, and we are interested in covering the truth. Because the truth and its authenticity are our reputations, we unite around the principles of humanity and faith in European values. Because, as a scientist, I have refuted one of the theories – that Ukraine is a bridge between two identities. During these days of brutal hostilities and the simple attitude of our government towards its citizens, soldiers, prisoners of war by comparing the same actions of the Russian government – are opposed. It became obvious how different we are, and what made us consider the Eastern part of Ukraine to be pro-Russian was refuted. Because the inhabitants of these Eastern regions and the whole of Ukraine have awakened a national gene of unity to fight and preserve their state, they did not awaken a cruel, inhuman feeling, despite the crimes committed against them. But despite the pain of losing our loved ones the citizens of Ukraine understand that this is not the end. Recent reports from US intelligence show that the Russian occupiers will increasingly kill civilians to break the resistance of the Ukrainian population. In particular, there is speculation that the Russian occupiers will not abandon their intention to establish their own pro-Russian «puppet government» in Kyiv. But I believe, Putin will not succeed because he feels chaotic and unsympathetic, the flexibility of his decisions – they are spontaneous, which leads to the idea that Putin has accumulated a terrible insult and tries all his anger at the failure to implement plans and blames the Ukrainians in all possible ways. Because ukrainians refused to be a part of cruel «Russian peace».

Reflecting on and working on different scenarios, I wonder if this could have been prevented. Yes, it could be. Because Europe itself brought up the aggressor, allowing him to untie his hands for permissiveness. Europe repeated the tragic experience on the eve of World War II by putting economic interests above the principles of security and disarmament of Nazi Germany. Then Europe spent the same money it earned on trade with Germany on its defense and militarization. Isn’t it the same now? History repeats itself because humanity cannot draw conclusions. Unfortunately, the cycle of history has started again. And now it is up to us to repeat it exactly or to win it in a flash in the unity of the world for justice and peace. Because the war for the fate of Europe is going on in Ukraine now and this war will not end only with the war inside Ukraine boarders. In one of his interviews, Putin said he wanted NATO to stop expanding and regain its borders, which were a direct threat until 1997, and testified to Putin’s military intentions. We must be strong together to overcome global evil.

Summing up these difficult days, which feel like years, I want to highlight the main theses:

  1. Putin succeeded in what Ukrainians have been working on for a long time, and any Ukrainian power has not succeeded in uniting Ukrainians once and for all. As a large number of differences prevailed in the western and eastern parts of Ukraine. And now according to these days – all differences disappeared, we gathered together around a strong patriotic sense and desire to protect our Motherland. All Ukrainians woke up long-hidden genes of our ancestors. The genes of independence fighter and common resistance in unconditional unity.
  2. It is important to highlight all meanings in the international arena are important for international security. In Ukraine now is a full-scale war NOT a conflict, NOT a special operation, NOT a crisis, NOT a situation, NOT a peacekeeping mission, and other synonyms that can be coined for the word “war.” A crime should be called a crime, and tolerance is not appropriate here.
  3. Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler are identical persons. In some acts, especially in the tactics of behaving towards the civilians of Ukraine and its own citizens, Putin outdid Hitler’s Russian soldiers in his brutality.
  4. Russia is the inventor of the art of hybrid warfare and the promotion of a new ideology of «Russian peace»
  5. During the first five days of the active offensive, every Ukrainian tried to contact and enlist the support of Russian citizens in various ways. We asked for help to stop this until there were many victims. We were ignored, blocked, accused of lying, and told that we deserved it. And when the sanctions began to take effect, the Russians decided to support us. It is too late to protest when the genocide of Ukrainians is in full swing. It is hypocritical to protest only now because protests against the war are already in vain. The Russians are fighting to return their economic goods that have suffered from sanctions but not for supporting
  6. Ukraine will win in a flash. And this struggle will become exemplary because all of Ukraine fought together, all citizens and partners worked and fought on different fronts.
  7. Ukraine has finally broken away from the «Russian peace» ideology in the eastern regions of Ukraine and its influence. Ukraine’s status as a bridge between two identities has been destroyed. Now there are only European values with a strong national basis.
  8. Putin and his entourage underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian army and national resistance and resistance – the blitzkrieg failed. Therefore, the mass murder of Ukrainian citizens the genocide of Ukrainians by Russian troops aims to suppress the resistance of Ukrainians.
  9. Putin underestimated the power of Ukraine, and President Volodymyr Zelensky underestimated the reaction of the West, as the aggressor (Russia) was previously tolerated in his crimes (Transnistria, Abkhazia, and others), which led Putin to believe that the war in Ukraine will also get out of hand. But now, the West, together with its Eastern partners, has put considerable pressure on the collapse of Russia’s economy.
  10. Ukrainians will not forget this another genocide caused by Russia to the Ukrainian nation. In the historical context, Ukrainians were annihilated by Russian regimes during the Holodomor, the shooting revival, deportations, and other bloody pages in Russian history that affected Ukrainians.
  11. Ukraine has contributed to preserving peace in the European Union, thus proving its final affiliation with the European identity. Thus, Ukraine deserves to be a full member of the European Union.
  12. Cyclical history has reappeared; the desire to win as soon as possible is natural because we Ukrainians want to live in peace in their country. But without unity and the help of the World, victory will not be achieved within Ukraine. The war could spread to other neighbors in Russia. Therefore, now is the critical moment for the non-expansion of the brutal war to other countries. It is possible to stop it with sharp and bold decisions. It is enough to indulge the aggressor because it only inflames ambition.
  13. This is a war for all of Europe.! Therefore, closed skies in Ukraine will help defeat the enemy and prevent a war that will cross the EU border.
  14. Ukraine wants peace! But Ukraine will defend itself and never capitulate.

Together to victory! Because strength is in unity!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

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