IAPSS Europe

On 31st October 2018, IAPSS celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate this important achievement, IAPSS launched the Regionalisation Project, with the aim of making IAPSS a more accessible, inclusive and global association. In such a heavily globalized community, it is important to have representation and participation from students around the globe. From this project, IAPSS Europe is born and ready to give opportunities to all the political science students based in Europe.

The field of political science finds its roots in the European continent, with Europe often playing a crucial role in the development of both the scientific field and the sphere of political practice. The European continent is also home to some of the most historic educational institutions and think tanks. It is therefore imperative for IAPSS Europe to remain on top of these developments and enlarge its presence.

Our main goal is to create a solid network of political science students in Europe, giving them opportunities and tools for professional growth, such as research projects, conferences, winter/summer schools, webinars, etc. Any student of political science – at any level – can participate in the formation of this organization. We provide a platform for you to express your ideas and share your research.