The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is proud to launch our brand new Press Corps for student journalists in high school and universities.

Our innovative Press Corps provides a unique opportunity for high school, university, and professional journalists to both get access to and report on global student politics, on behalf of their student newspapers.

As a member of our IAPSS Press Corps, student journalists will have access to:

  • Our online press conferences
  • Media Zone at our World Congress
  • Mailing List
  • Networking and conference opportunities with our partners
  • Opportunities to collaborate with student newspapers around the world
  • Opportunities to build their portfolio by submitting to our academic journals, including Politikon and Encuentro Latinoamericano
  • Opportunities to promote their work through our IAPSS Blog
  • Publishing opportunities in “Quarterly Corp-ter Chronicle”, which features highlights from different student newspapers in the Press Corps

Members of the Press Corps will also receive discounts to all IAPSS events using a unique promo code that will be issued to them upon entry.

The Press Corps will be led by the Leadership Council, who will be elected by the Press Corps each year through online voting. The Leadership Council will include:

  • Chair: leads the Press Corps, sets the goals for the year, and oversees the Press Corps meetings;
  • Vice Chair: assists the Chair in fulfilling their duties and leads the Press Corps in the Chair’s absence;
  • Rapporteur: oversees minutes of Press Corps meetings, Press Corps publications, and other Press Corps recordkeeping;
  • Public Engagement Liaison: oversees Press Corps communications and outreach.

IAPSS Press Corps welcomes all student journalists to participate in our IAPSS programming; however, only journalists aged 18 or older will be extended invitations to attend our in-person events, and high school journalists will get invitations to participate in these events virtually.