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Nationhood: A Matter of Identity or Place, by Lisa Caroll | IAPSS Student Lecture Series

By January 20, 2022February 6th, 2022No Comments
The possibility of deterritorialized countries is becoming a reality in the face of sea-level rise. What happens to citizens of these countries if their territory ceases to exist? Can nationality simply disappear under the ocean? Is nationality merely a legal concept connected to the existence of a nation state, or does nationality go deeper, encompassing a shared identity, connecting people beyond physical place?

In this lecture, we explore these questions and the implications they have for persons in Oceania and the preservation of their essential cultural rights.

This is the third lecture in the IAPSS Asia-Oceania and Political Theory Student Lecture Series. On 21.02.2022, Harshul Singh will present Reappraising the Interpretation of Texts in Political Theory: Transition from Historical Perspective to Contemporary Developments.

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