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The Agenda for the 31st IAPSS General Assembly is provided below. Appendices will be added as they arrive an as motions are submitted. The deadline for motion submissions and applications for positions is December 14, 2019. All motions and applications must be sent to

Please confirm your attendance by filling out the General Assembly attendance form.

To participate in the General Assembly discussion, click the link to the Google Hangouts Meet here or copy and paste ( into another tab in your internet browser. You will need to keep a tab with this page open to participate in votes. You can also join by phone at +1 443-671-8024 and enter this PIN: 211 045 499#, though we recommend trying the link first to avoid any potential phone fees.

The Google Hangouts Meet can accommodate an estimated 100 participants. If the online meeting is full, you can still participate via our auxiliary YouTube livestream here (rtmp://, which will go live at 18:45 CET. Please note that if you are participating via the YouTube livestream, you will only be able to communicate via the livestream chat. The General Assembly is also audio recorded to ensure accurate minutes and to serve as an archive for future years. By attending the General Assembly, members consent to having their contributions recorded in written and audio form.


1. Call to order
2. Approval of the Agenda and General Assembly Committee
3. Approval of the minutes of the May 2019 General Assembly in Madrid, Spain
4. Report of the IAPSS President
5. Report of the IAPSS Treasurer
6. Legal Framework Amendments
a. General amendments proposed by the Executive Committee
7. By-Election of Advisory Committee Members (2)
8. By-Election of Vice President for Public Relations
9. Other Business
10. Adjournment

Current Candidates
Vice President for Public Relations

  • Paola Navarro Villa, Interim Vice President for Public Relations. View CV here. View Cover Letter here.

Advisory Committee

  • Joaquim Botelho. View CV here. View Cover Letter here.

How does voting take place?
Votes during the General Assembly will appear as multiple choice options on this page where members can click their desired option. As there may be additional votes needed depending on the decisions the General Assembly makes, votes will appear one at a time on the page, which may require members to refresh the page each time the General Assembly chairperson announces that a vote has been launched.

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