According to Bylaw 11 in the IAPSS Bylaws and policies, a by-election must be initiated within 7 days when a position IAPSS Executive Committee, Advisory Board, or a Regional Leadership Committee becomes vacant.

Between April 30 and May 3, 2022, the IAPSS General Assembly hosted elections for the positions on IAPSS Executive Committee, Advisory Board, and Regional Leadership Committees. As a result of this election, the following positions have not been filled:

  1. IAPSS VP for Programs.
  2. IAPSS USA and Canada Chair.

The by-election to elect people to the aforementioned positions will take place between June 13, 2022, and June 20, 2022. The voting period will begin at 12:00 am (EDT) on June 13, 2022, and will finish at 11:59 pm (EDT) on June 20, 2022.

Voting has been extended to June 21 due to the technical problems on the first day of voting.

Information about positions

Vice President for Programs
This position oversees the Programs Department, which guides all IAPSS events and initiatives. Key responsibilities include helping organize event plans, coordinating between event teams and other IAPSS departments, and assisting with event implementation. Expected commitment: 15 hours/week.

IAPSS US and Canada Chair
This position oversees the entirety of IAPSS US and Canada, including its team, resources, strategies, and outreach. Key responsibilities include promoting engagement with students in the regions, organizing regional events and initiatives, and representing the regional association at Council of Regions meetings. Expected commitment: 15 hours/week.

  • No candidacies were received for this position.


Dannica Eirren was elected IAPSS VP for Programs.

How to participate

  1. Candidates must submit a CV and a platform statement at by May 29, 2022, 11:59 pm (EDT). A platform statement is like a cover letter and should outline a candidate’s qualifications and what they would do if elected to the position they are running for. There are no length requirements or limitations. Candidates should keep in mind that the CV and platform statement they send will be posted online on this web page for all members to see, so they should not include any information they do not wish to be made public. At this time, all elected positions within IAPSS are voluntary and unpaid.
  2. The candidates shall be informed whether they are accepted to run in the by-election no later than seven (7) days after they submit their application or at least fourteen (14) days before the election date, whichever is earlier.
  3. Each candidate must have an active IAPSS membership by the time the by-election starts. Memberships can be purchased here.
  4. Candidates must make themselves available during the by-election campaign for questions from IAPSS members. They can choose to answer the questions via email or a social media profile. This contact information and relevant links must be included in their CV or platform statement.