IAPSS Regional Conference

Paths towards Climate Justice

November 22-25, 2019 l Sweden, Stockholm

Call for Papers

Priority deadline for Abstracts Submissions: August 12, 2019 

Regular deadline for Abstracts Submissions: August 26, 2019

The International Association for Political Science Students is launching its Call for Papers for the Regional Conference in Sweden. This year, we are partnering with the Stockholm Association of International Affairs (SAIA/UF Stockholm), a youth non-profit association that aims to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs. If you are interested in presenting your paper, you are kindly requested to submit your abstract by 12 August (priority deadline), respectively 26 August 2019 (regular deadline).


In line with IAPSS’ Annual Theme 2019 – “Overcoming Injustice,” the Regional Conference in Stockholm invites you to debate injustice related to climate change.

Climate Justice belongs to the most visible fields in the public sphere and constitutes one of the most pressing political challenges in the 21st century. From the 1960s on, the politics of climate justice have been unfolding with unprecedented scope, connecting more than any other field of research the local and global, and transcending traditional conceptions of responsibility and accountability. Studying climate justice helps deconstruct former narratives of mainstream theories and enhances multifarious analyses which include the role of gender, environment, class, caste, and sovereignty. Since the first UN Scientific Conference in Stockholm in 1972, climate change and its political consequences also constitute a matter of global governance, while politics in the Arctic give an example of how already existing economic and political dynamics will be shaped and transformed. 

With this conference theme, IAPSS hopes to encourage students and junior scholars of political science and related disciplines to participate and join this exciting academic discussion.


Given the breadth of the theme on Climate Justice, we welcome contributions focusing on a variety of perspectives. The topics addressed at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Climate justice and…

  1. Migration
  2. Human rights & equality
  3. Security
  4. Disaster risk reduction and crisis management
  5. Health, food & water security
  6. Civic action
  7. Governance (international cooperation, national sovereignty, regionalism etc.)
  8. How it’s shaped by economic governance. 

Call for Papers

We welcome papers from undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as from junior scholars from different academic perspectives such as comparative politics, international relations, international political economy, political theory, security studies, public policy and administration, regional and area studies as well as political psychology and behaviour studies, and international law, among others.

Guidelines for Paper Submissions

Please send us your abstract of no more than 250 words through the  online formbelow. This form will include the name of the author(s), the title of the paper, key words, home university, and email address(es).

IAPSS Regional Conference: Paths toward Climate Justice - Submit an Abstract

Submit your abstract for the 2019 IAPSS Regional Conference here!
  • Please select the primary sub-theme that your paper falls into.

Full papers should be submitted via the available online form located here by 21 October 2019.


Please note that you need to be registered for the Regional Conference by purchasing your ticket in the IAPSS Web Store. In addition, a valid IAPSS membership is needed to be eligible to register and participate at the conference. Registration for panelists may take place after abstract decisions are announced. The final deadline for registration for all panelists is September 23.

Key dates

Priority Cycle for Abstracts

We will have a priority cycle of abstract evaluations for those who would like to be informed about their decisions by 26 August 2019. If you would like to be considered in the priority cycle, you must submit your abstract by 11:59 CET, 12 August 2019. No exceptions will be made for late papers.

Regular Cycle for Abstracts

The regular deadline for abstracts will be 11:59 CET, 26 August 2019. Candidates in the regular cycle will be informed by 9 September 2019.

Full papers should be submitted via the available online form here by 21 October 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions at: europe-rc@iapss.org

We very much look forward to your submission!

Veronika Kandusová

Head of Regional Conference

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