Our Chair for IAPSS USA & Canada

Canada but especially the United States of America and the diverse scholars coming from this region have dominated political science research and theories in 20th Century political science and contributed a great variety of different approaches to political problems. This research has spread all over the world which makes this region highly important in understanding current political science research.

For strengthening our presence in USA & Canda we have launched our regional chapter in this area. Our chapter is going to connect students with interest in politics amongst the USA and Canada, conducting events and fostering research initiatives. Following we introduce our Regional Chair Benjamin McGrath.

Benjamin McGrath

I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2016 with a Joint BA in Philosophy and Political Science. Since graduating, I have worked as a lobbyist in the energy sector, a Species at Risk policy planner for the Ontario Government and, most recently, a Campaign Coordinator in provincial and minucipal elections. I am continuing my education by pursuing a Law degree in September 2019. I have been with IAPSS since September 2017 and plan on sticking around for a long time to come. I am excited to see where the Regionalization project will tale us!

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