Our Chair for IAPSS Asia

Asia represents the fastest growing continent worldwide with several major nations that are already global players on one level with the “Western” countries. Despite the new importance of Asia in world politics, Asian nations have a long history of culture and exchange. This mix shows the importance of Asia in shaping politics in the 21st Century.

For strengthening our presence in Asia we have launched our regional chapter in this area. Our chapter is going to connect students with an interest in politics among all Asian countries, conducting events and fostering research initiatives. Following we introduce our Regional Chair, Ivan Tanyag.

Ivan Tanyag

I joined IAPSS because I want to meet fellow political science students from different parts of globe who can share their own personal stories and narratives in regards to the political developments made in their respective communities, as well as to further enhance my capacity as a political science student by participating at different organized activities such as the academic convention, summer and winter schools, and to its very own student research committees.

I’m currently taking up a degree in Political Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently sitting in as a standing member for the Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective at the European Consortium on Political Research. I’m also currently doing my research work on kintsugi framework¬†as an alternative explanation to the character of international relations, as well as my specific research work on food studies and cultural development in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

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