Our Chairs for IAPSS Europe

The field of political science finds its roots in the European continent, with Europe often playing a crucial role in the development of both the scientific field and the sphere of political practice. The European continent is also home to some of the most historic educational institutions and think tanks. It is therefore imperative for IAPSS to remain on top of these developments and enlarge its presence here.

To enhance our regional presence we launched IAPSS Europe as a platform for exchange on the European continent. Our chapter is going to connect students with interest in politics amongst European countries, conducting events and fostering research initiatives. Following we introduce our Regional Chairs Giulia Zampredi and Giorgios Hadjipavlis.

Giulia Zampedri

Giulia decided to join IAPSS because she wants to play an active role in a stimulating environment, taking inspiration and learning from a wide variety of people with such an international background.

She is currently about to finish her bachelor of political science at the University of Salzburg (Austria) and she is a trainee at Centre for Integration of the city of Salzburg.

Giorgios Hadjipavlis

Politics has seen a tremendous breakaway from convention lately, whether we think of Brexit, the rise of Trump and anti-establishment politics from Hungary to Brazil. In such times when we strive to make sense of the new political order it is important to empower the future leading political scientists and engage them with affairs from early on. IAPSS has a crucial role to play in enabling that and I am ecstatic to be in the position to contribute in fulfilling this mission.

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