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The Monday Report | 11 July, 2022

Happy Monday!☕

IAPSS wishes you a productive week ahead! This is your Monday reminder that you can contribute to student advocacy initiatives at national and international levels by participating in our calls and events.

🔵Tweeting “Free Speech”: Corporate Regulation, User Rights, and the Responsibilities of Both, by Elizabeth Lee-Abbey

“Fast and direct communication” is at the top of every catalog listing the benefits of social media. Ironically, the corporations overseeing social media are under scrutiny for interfering with some user communication. These interferences, known as filtering practices by some, have left many social media users questioning the boundaries of corporate action – action that others deem necessary for user protection.
This lecture surveys the various perspectives analyzing the current and evolving relationship between corporate action and user expression on social media platforms, with a focus on the real-life consequences that erupt from online tension and their impact on free speech.

Date: Thursday, July 28th, 2022
Time: 10:00 EST / 16:00 CEST

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🔵Semiotic Meaning As Motivation For Collective Action, by Jendrik Hilgerloh-Nuske

Date: Saturday, July 30th, 2022
Time: 15:00 CEST

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🔵IAPSS Politikon Call for Papers: Workshop and Special Issue on Critical Approaches to Energy and Climate Politics

IAPSS Politikon seeks papers for a workshop and special issue examining the politics of energy security and climate change in the Global South. Proposals are due 8 August 2022.

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🔵 Call for Papers: Encuentro Latinoamericano

The Editorial Board of Encuentro Latinoamericano (ELA) Journal has an open call for research papers for ELA’s 2022/2 edition!

Authors are invited to submit papers in Spanish, Portuguese and English, that align with the theme “Routes to democracy in Latin America”.

The submissions deadline is 17th of July 2022.

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🔵 Archive of Student Experiences and Aid Resources for Ukraine

IAPSS is gathering information from students who live in Ukraine. Our page will be continuously updated and will serve as the archive of student experiences living in wartime. There are student testimonies, donation links, and a Petition to Educational Institutions To Accept Ukrainian Students that any organization can sign.

Go to IAPSS Ukraine page

Read IAPSS’ Statement on the Invasion here

Read petition here

🔴 From Our Partners

🔵27th IPSA World Congress in 2023

Our partners at IPSA are pleased Buenos Aires, Argentina, will host the 27th IPSA World Congress of Political Science. The Congress will be held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina on 15-19 July 2023 under the theme of “Politics in the Age of Transboundary Crises”.

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🔵 Writefull

IAPSS has partnered with Writefull to help students boost their academic writing!
Writefull is an automated proofreading for scientific and technical writing. It is the front-runner in AIS based language support that uses language models trained on scientific and technical content.
All IAPSS members will get a discount.

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